LMA1117 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

LMA1117 Datasheet, 1A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable

LMA1117   LMA1117  

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SMD Type Integrate CirIcCuit 1A Low Dr opout Positive Adjustable or Fixed-Mode Regulator KMA1117(LMA1117) Features 1 .4V maximum dropout at full load curren t Fast transient response Output curren t limiting Built-in thermal shutdown Go od noise rejection 3-Terminal Adjustabl e or Fixed 1.5V, 1.8V, 1.9V,2.5V, 3.3V, 5.0V Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25 Parameter DC Supply Voltage Power Diss ipation Thermal Resistance Junction-to- Ambient Thermal Resistance Junction-to- Case * Operating Junction Temperature R ange Storage Temperature * Control Circ uitry/Power Transistor Block Diagram S ymbol Vin PD JA JC TOP TST Rating -0.3 to 12 Internally Limited

LMA1117 Datasheet, 1A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable

300 100 0 to +150 -65 to +150 Unit V / W /W 1 Adj(GND) 2 Vout 3 Vin www.kexi n.com.cn 1 SMD Type Integrate CirIcCu it KMA1117(LMA1117) Electrical Charac teristics Ta = 25 Parameter Reference Voltage Output Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation Dropout Voltage (VIN-VO UT) Current Limit Minimum Load Current Thermal Regulation Ripple Rejection Tem perature Stability Testconditons KMA11 17-ADJ TJ=25 ,(VIN-OUT)=1.5V,IO=10mA KM A1117-1.5 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 3V VIN 12V KMA1117-1.8 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 3.3V VIN 12V KMA1117-1.9 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 3.3V VIN 12V KMA1117-2.5 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 4V VIN 12V KMA1117-3 .3 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 4.8V VIN 12V KMA1117-5.0 IOUT = 10mA, TJ = 25 , 6.5V VIN 12V KMA1117-XXX IO=10mA,VOUT+1.5V VIN 12V, TJ=25 KMA1117-ADJ VIN=3.3V,Vad j=0,0mA Io 1A,TJ=25 KMA1117-1.5 VIN=3V, 0mA Io 1A,TJ=25 KMA1117-1.8 VIN=3.3V,0m A Io 1A,TJ=25 KMA1117-1.9 VIN=3.3V,0mA Io 1A,TJ=25 KMA1117-2.5 VIN=4V,0mA Io 1 A,TJ=25 KMA1117-3.3 VIN=5V,0mA Io 1A,TJ =25 KMA1117-5.0 VIN=8V,0mA Io 1A,TJ=25 KMA1117-XXX IOUT = 1A , VOUT=0.1%VOUT K MA1117-XXX (VIN-VOUT) = 5V KMA1117-XXX 0 Tj 125 TA=25 , 30ms pulse F=120Hz,COU T=25uF Tantalum, IOUT=1A KMA1117-XXX VI N=VOUT+3V IO=10mA Min Typ Max Unit 1.2 25 1.250 1.275 V 1.470 1.500 1.530 V 1. 764 1.800 1.836 V 1.862 1.900 1.938 V 2.450 2.500 2

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