(Datasheet) 1N4551B data sheet PDF

1N4551B Datasheet, 50WATT ZENER DIODES

1N4551B   1N4551B  

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WWW.Microsemi .COM SCOTTSDALE DIVISION 1N3305 thru 1N3350B and 1N4549B thru 1 N4556B 50 WATT ZENER DIODES DESCRIPTIO N These high power 50 W Zener diodes re presented by the JEDEC registered 1N330 5 thru 1N3350B and 1N4549 thru 1N4556B series provide voltage regulation in a selection over a 3.9 V to 200 V broad r ange of voltages. They may be operated up to 50 W with adequate mou

1N4551B Datasheet, 50WATT ZENER DIODES

nting and heat sinking with their low th ermal resistance. These Zeners are also available in JAN, JANTX, JANTXV milita ry qualifications. Microsemi also offer s numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applications. APPEARANCE IMPORTANT: For the most cur rent data, consult MICROSEMI’s websit e: http://www.microsemi.com DO- 5 (DO- 203AB) FEATURES • JEDEC regis

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