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1N4148WS   1N4148WS  

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SURFACE MOUNT FAST SWITCHING DIODE FEATU RES • Fast switching speed • Ideall y suited for automatic insertion • Fo r general purpose switching application s MECHANICAL DATA • Case: SOD-323 Pla stic • Case material: “Green” mol ding compound, UL flammability classifi cation 94V-0, (No Br. Sb. CI) • Moist ure sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020D • Lead free in RoHS 2002/95/EC compl iant 1N4148WS REVERSE VOLTAGE – 75 V olts FORWARD CURRENT – 0.15 Ampere S OD-323 SOD-323 Dim. Min. Max. A 2.5 0 2.70 B 1.20 1.40 C 1.60 1.80 D 0.25 0.35 E 0.08 0.15 F 0.25 0.40 G --- 1.0 H 0.00 0.10 Dimensi ons in millimeter ℃Maximum Ratings & Thermal C


haracteristics @ TA = 25 unless otherwis e specified Characteristic Symbol 1N 4148WS Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Vol tage Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage W orking Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage Non-repetitive Peak Forward Su rge Current Peak Forward Surge Current ℃Power Dissipation *Ta=25 ,δ %@t< 1.0s =25 , ℃TJ= 25 Pulse Width=1us 1s Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambien t VRM VRRM VRWM VR IFM IFSM PD RΘJA 100 75 500 2 1 200 635 Operating Tempe rature Range TJ -55~+150 Storage Temp erature Range TSTG -65~+150 ℃Elect rical Characteristics @ TA = 25 unless otherwise specified Characteristic Te st Condition Symbol 1N4148WS Units V V mA A mW ℃/W ℃ ℃ Unit Maximum F orward Voltage Maximum DC Reverse Curre nt at Rated DC Blocking Voltage Typical Diode Capacitance Reverse Recovery tim e * FR-4 Minimum Pad. IF = 10mA VR = 7 5V VR = 20V VR =0V,f=1MHz IR=IF=10mA (F igure1) VF IR CD trr 1000 5 25 4 mV uA nA pF 4 ns REV.3, Aug-2017, KSYR94 RATING AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES Fig.1 Recovery Time Equivalent Test Circuit Fig.2Typical Forward Characteristics Fig.3 Typical Reverse Characteristics Fig.4 Typical Capacitance Characteristi cs 1N4148WS Device Marking : Device P/ N 1N4148WS Marking code 5D Equivalent Circuit Diagram Legal Disclaimer Notice 1N4148WS Important Notice

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