1N4148WS Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

1N4148WS Datasheet, Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

1N4148WS   1N4148WS  

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Suntan® 1N4148WS Silicon Epitaxial Pla nar Switching Diode FEATU RE S SOD-323 package Fast switching These diodes ar e also available in other case style in cluding the DO-35 case with the type de signation 1N4148, the Mini MELF case wi th the type designation LL4148 and the Micro MELF case with the type designati on MCL4148. PINNING PIN 1 2 DESCRIPTI ON Cathode Anode Top View Ma

1N4148WS Datasheet, Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

rking Code: “T4” Simplified outline SOD-323 and symbol MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Absolute Ma ximum Ratings (Ta = 25℃) PARAMETER SYMBOL VALUE UNIT Peak Reverse Volta ge Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Fo rward Current Surge Forward Current (t < 1 s, Tj= 25 ℃) Power Dissipation Th ermal Resistance from Junction to Ambie nt Air Junction Temperature Storage

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