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UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD BSS123 Preliminary 170mA, 100V N-CHANNEL POWE R MOSFET „ DESCRIPTION The UTC BSS123 is an N-channel mode Power MOSFET, it uses UTC’s advanced technology to pro vide the customers with low CRSS. The U TC BSS123 is suitable for Automotive an d Other Applications Requiring. „ FEAT URES * RDS(on) ≤ 6.0Ω @ VGS=10V, ID =100mA * Low CRSS „ SYMBOL Power MOSF ET „ ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering N umber Lead Free Halogen Free Package BSS123L-AE3-R BSS123G-AE3-R SOT-23 Note: Pin Assignment: G: Gate S: Sourc e D: Drain Pin Assignment 123 GSD Pac king Tape Reel „ MARKING www.unisoni Copyright © 2018 Unisonic T


echnologies Co., Ltd 1 of 3 QW-R209-133 .b BSS123 Preliminary Power MOSFET „ ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Drain-Source Vo ltage Gate-Source Voltage Drain Current Power Dissipation Continuous Non-Repe titive Continuous (Note 1) Pulsed (Note 2) TA=25°C (Note 3) Derate above 25° C VDSS VGSS VGSM ID IDM PD 100 V ±20 V ±40 Vpk 0.17 A 0.68 A 225 mW 1.8 mW /°C Junction Temperature TJ -55 ~ + 150 °C Storage Temperature Range TS TG -55~ +150 °C Note: Absolute maxi mum ratings are those values beyond whi ch the device could be permanently dama ged. Absolute maximum ratings are stre ss ratings only and functional device o peration is not implied. „ THERMAL CH ARACTERISTICS PARAMETER Junction to Am bient SYMBOL θJA RATINGS 556 „ ELE CTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA=25°C, unle ss otherwise noted) UNIT °C/W PARAME TER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Drain-Source Leakage Current Ga te-Source Leakage Current BVDSS IDSS I GSS ID=250µA, VGS=0V VDS=100V, VGS=0V , TJ=25°C VDS=100V, VGS=0V, TJ=125°C VGS=+20V, VDS=0V 100 ON CHARACTERISTI CS Gate Threshold Voltage Static Drain- Source On-State Resistance VGS(TH) RDS (ON) VDS=VGS, ID=1mA VGS=10V, ID=100mA 0.6 DYNAMIC PARAMETERS Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reve

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