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LITE-ON SEMICONDUCTOR SURFACE MOUNT SUPE R FAST RECTIFIERS ES1A thru ES1J REVER SE VOLTAGE - 50 to 600 Volts FORWARD CU RRENT - 1.0 Ampere FEATURES Glass pass ivated chip Super fast switching for hi gh efficiency For surface mounted appli cations Low forward voltage drop and hi gh current capability Low reverse leaka ge current MECHANICAL DATA Case : Molde d plastic Case Material: Molding compou nd, UL Flammability classification 94V- 0, (No Br. Sb. Cl.) "Halogen-free". Pol arity : Indicated by cathode band Weigh t : 0.002 ounces, 0.064 grams SMA SMA A DIM. MIN. MAX. A 4.06 4.57 B C B 2 .29 2.92 C 1.27 1.63 D 0.15 0.31 E 4. 83 5.59 G F 0.05 0.20 H


FD E G 2.01 2.40 H 0.76 1.52 All Dime nsions in millimeter MAXIMUM RATINGS A ND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ratings a t 25℃ ambient temperature unless othe rwise specified. CHARACTERISTICS SYMB OL ES1A ES1B ES1C ES1D ES1G ES1J U NIT Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Vol tage VRRM 50 100 150 200 400 600 V Maximum RMS Voltage VRMS 35 70 105 1 40 280 420 V Maximum DC Blocking Volta ge Maximum Average Forward Rectified C urrent @TL =110 C Peak Forward Surge Current 8.3ms single half sine-wave sup er imposed on rated load (JEDEC METHOD) VDC I(AV) IFSM 50 100 150 200 400 6 00 V 1.0 A 30 A Maximum forward Voltag e at 1.0A DC VF 0.92 1.25 1.30 V Ma ximum DC Reverse Current @TJ =25 C at R ated DC Blocking Voltage @TJ=125 C IR 5.0 200 uA Maximum Reverse Recovery Time (Note 1) TRR 25 35 ns Typical Reverse Recovery Time TRR 20 30 ns Typical Junction Capacitance (Note 2) T ypical Thermal Resistance (Note 3) Oper ating Temperature Range CJ R0JA R0JL R 0JC TJ 20 90 30 25 -55 to + 150 pF C/ W C Storage Temperature Range TSTG N OTES : 1.Reverse Recovery Test Conditio ns :IF=0.5A,IR=1.0A,IRR=0.25A. 2.Measur ed at 1.0MHz and applied reverse voltag e of 4.0V DC. 3.Thermal Resistance junc tion to Ambient, Lead and Case. -55 to + 150 C REV. 9, Aug-2014, KSGA01 RATING AND CHARAC

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