1N4148W Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

1N4148W Datasheet, Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode

1N4148W   1N4148W  

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BL Galaxy Electrical Production specifi cation Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode FEATURES z Fast Switching Speed:trr=4 ns(Typ) Pb z Surface Mount Package Id eally Suited For Lead-free Automatic I nsertion z For General Purpose Switchi ng Applications z High Conductance z Available in Lead Free Version 1N4148W APPLICATIONS SOD-123 z Surface moun t fast switching diode. ORDERING INFOR MATION Type No. Marking 1N4148W T4 Package Code SOD-123 MAXIMUM RATING @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise specified C haracteristic Non-Repetitive Peak Rever se Voltage Peak Repetitive Reverse Volt age Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Rev erse Voltage RMS Reverse Vo

1N4148W Datasheet, Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode

ltage Forward Continuous Current Average Rectified Output Current Non-Repetitiv e Peak Forward Surge Current @t=1.0 μs @t=1.0 s Power Dissipation Thermal Res istance Junction to Ambient Air Operati ng and Storage Temperature Rage Symbol VRM VRRM VRWM VR VR(RMS) IFM Io IFSM P d RθJA Tj,TSTG Value 100 75 53 300 15 0 2.0 1.0 350 357 -65 to+150 Unit V V V mA mA A mW ℃/W ℃ Document number : BL/SSSDA001 Rev.A www.galaxycn.com 1 BL Galaxy Electrical Production spec ification Silicon Epitaxial Planar Dio de 1N4148W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise specified Characteristic Reverse Breakdown Volta ge Symbol V(BR)R Forward Voltage VF Reverse Current IR Capacitance betwe en terminals CT Min Max Unit 75 - V 0.715 - 0.855 1.0 V 1.25 - 1 μA 25 nA - 2.0 pF Test Condition IR=10 A IF=1.0mA IF=10mA IF=50mA IF=150mA VR =75V VR=20V VR=0,f=1.0MHz Reverse Reco very Time trr - 4.0 ns IF=IR=10mA, I rr=0.1×IR,RL=100Ω TYPICAL CHARACTER ISTICS @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise spec ified Document number: BL/SSSDA001 Rev .A www.galaxycn.com 2 BL Galaxy Elect rical Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode PA CKAGE OUTLINE Plastic surface mounted p ackage K B C D J A E H SOLDERING F OOTPRINT Production specification 1N41 48W SOD-123 SOD-123 Dim Min Max A 1.4 1.8 B 2.55 2.85 C 1.15 Typic

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