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SURFACE MOUNT FAST SWITCHING DIODE BAS2 1, BAS21A/C/S REVERSE VOLTAGE – 250 V olts FORWARD CURRENT – 0.2 Ampere FE ATURES • Fast Switching Speed • Ide ally suited for automatic insertion • For general purpose switching applicat ions MECHANICAL DATA • Case: SOT-23 P lastic • Case Material: “Green” m olding compound, UL flammability classi fication 94V-0, (No Br. Sb. CI) • Moi sture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-02 0D • Lead Free in RoHS 2002/95/EC Com pliant SOT-23 SOT-23 Dim. Min. Max. A 0.90 1.15 A1 0.00 0.10 b 0.30 0.50 c 0. 08 0.15 D 2.80 3.00 E 2.25 2.55 E1 1.20 1.40 e 0.95 Typ. e1 1.80 2.00 L 0.55 R ef. L1 0.30 0.50 Dimensions in millimeter Maxi


mum Ratings & Thermal Characteristics @ TA = 25℃ unless otherwise specified Characteristic Symbol BAS21 BAS21A BAS 21C Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Wo rking Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage Forward Continuous Current Aver age Rectified Output Current Repetitive Peak Forward Current @t=1us @t=1s VR RM VRWM VR IFM IO IFSM 250 400 200 2.5 0.5 Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Cur rent Power Dissipation Thermal Resistan ce Junction to Ambient Operating Temper ature Range IFRM PD RΘJA TJ 625 225 556 150 Storage Temperature Range TST G -65~+150 BAS21S Units V mA mA A mA mW ℃/W ℃ ℃ Electrical Character istics @ TA = 25℃ unless otherwise sp ecified Characteristic Test Condition Symbol BAS21 Reverse Breakdown Voltag e Maximum Forward Voltage Maximum DC Re verse Current at Rated DC Blocking Volt age Typical Diode Capacitance Reverse R ecovery time IR = 100uA IF = 100mA IF = 200mA VR = 200V VR =0V,f=1MHz Irr=3mA , IF=IR=30mA, RL=100Ω VBR VF IR CD t rr BAS21A BAS21C 250 1 1.25 1 5 BAS21 S Unit V V uA pF 50 nS REV. 2, Oct-2 010, KSYR26 RATING AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES BAS21, BAS21A/C/S Fig.1 Typical Forward Characteristics Fig.2 Typical Reverse Characteristics Device Marking : Device P/N BAS21 BAS21A BAS21C BAS21 S Marking JS JS2 JS3 JS4 Equivalent Circuit Diagram Legal Dis

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