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2N2906A   2N2906A  

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Continental Device India Limited An ISO/ TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certif ied Company PNP SILICON PLANAR SWITCHIN G TRANSISTORS 2N2906A 2N2907A TO-18 S witching And Linear Application DC to V HF Amplifier Applications ABSOLUTE MAX IMUM RATINGS DESCRIPTION SYMBOL 2N290 6A, 07A UNIT Collector -Emitter Volta ge VCEO 60 Collector -Base Voltage VCBO 60 Emitter -Base Voltage VEBO 5.0 Collector Current Continuous IC 600 Power Dissipation @Ta=25 degC PD 400 Derate Above 25deg C 2.28 @ Tc= 25 degC PD 1.8 Derate Above 25deg C 10.3 Operating And Storage Junction T j, Tstg Temperature Range ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25 de


g C Unless Otherwise Specified) V V V m A mW mW/deg C W mW/deg C deg C DESCRIP TION Collector -Emitter Voltage Collect or -Base Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage C ollector-Cut off Current SYMBOL TEST C ONDITION VCEO* VCBO VEBO ICBO IC=10mA ,IB=0 IC=10uA.IE=0 IE=10uA, IC=0 VCB=50 V, IE=0 VALUE MIN MAX 60 60 5.0 - - 10 UNIT V V V nA Base Current Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage Base Emitte r Saturation Voltage Ta=150 deg C VCB =50V, IE=0 ICEX VCE=30V, VBE=0.5V IB VCE=30V, VBE=0.5V VCE(Sat)* IC=150mA, IB=15mA IC=500mA,IB=50mA VBE(Sat) * I C=150mA,IB=15mA IC=500mA,IB=50mA - 2N 2906A 10 50 50 0.4 1.6 1.3 2.6 2N2907A uA nA nA V V V V DC Current Gain hF E IC=0.1mA,VCE=10V IC=1mA,VCE=10V IC=10 mA,VCE=10V IC=150mA,VCE=10V* IC=500mA,V CE=10V* >40 >40 >40 40-120 >40 >75 >1 00 >100 100-300 >50 Continental Device India Limited Data Sheet Page 1 of 3 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25 deg C Unless Otherwise Specified) DESCRIP TION SYMBOL TEST CONDITION DYNAMIC CH ARACTERISTICS Transition Frequency ft ** IC=50mA, VCE=20V,f=100MHz Out-Put Capacitance Cob VCB=10V, IE=0,f=100kHz Input Capacitance Cib VBE=2V, IC=0, f=100kHz Switching Time Delay time t d IC=150mA,IB1=15mA Rise time tr VCC= 30V Turn-On Time ton MIN 200 - - 2N 2906A-07A MAX UNIT - MHz 8.0 pF 30 pF 10 ns 40 ns 4

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