SMBG5356B Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

SMBG5356B Datasheet, Surface Mount Silicon 5Watt Zener Diodes

SMBG5356B   SMBG5356B  

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SCOTTSDALE DIVISION SMBG5333 thru SMBG5 388B, e3 SMBJ5333 thru SMBJ5388B, e3 SU RFACE MOUNT 5.0 Watt ZENER DIODES WWW. Microsemi .COM DESCRIPTION The SMBJ533 3-5388B or SMBG5333-5388B series of sur face mount 5.0 watt Zeners provides vol tage regulation in a selection from 3.3 to 200 volts with different tolerances as identified by suffix letter on the part number. It is equivalent to the JE DEC registered 1N5333 thru 1N5388B with identical electrical characteristics a nd testing as well as RoHS Compliant wi th an e3 suffix. It is available in J-b end design (SMBJ) with the DO-214AA pac kage for greater PC board mounting dens ity or in Gull-wing desig

SMBG5356B Datasheet, Surface Mount Silicon 5Watt Zener Diodes

n (SMBG) in the DO-215AA for visible sol der connections. These plastic encapsul ated Zeners have a moisture classificat ion of Level 1 with no dry pack require d and are also available in military eq uivalent screening levels by adding a p refix identifier as further described i n the Features section. Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applicatio ns. APPEARANCE NOTE: All SMB series ar e equivalent to prior SMS package ident ifications. IMPORTANT: For the most cu rrent data, consult MICROSEMI’s websi te: FEATURES APPLICATIONS / BENEFITS • Surface m ount equivalent to 1N5333 to 1N5388B Ideal for high-density and low-profil e mounting • Zener voltage available 3.3V to 200V • Standard voltage toler ances are plus/minus 5% with B suffix a nd 10 % with A suffix identification Tight tolerances available in plus or minus 2% or 1% with C or D suffix resp ectively • Options for screening in a ccordance with MIL-PRF-19500 for JAN, J ANTX, and JANTXV are available by addin g MQ, MX, or MV prefixes respectively t o part numbers. • RoHS compliant devi ces available by adding an “e3” suf fix • Regulates voltage over a broad operating current and temperature rang e • Wide selection from 3.3 to 200 V • Nonsensitive to ESD • Withstands h

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