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Part XY6112
Description Cost-effective off-line switching power supply controller
Feature XY6112 Cost-effective off-line switching power supply controller - Shanghai Vision Ins.
Manufacture ETC
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Cost-effective off-line switching power supply controller - Shanghai Vision Institute of
Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Page 1 of 13 version: 1.1 2008
I. Overview
XY6112 for high-performance , current-mode PWM controller. Built-in high-voltage power
management, wide voltage AC85-350V Fan
Provides up to 12W of continuous output power within the circumference. Cost-effective
production of bipolar control chip production process, combined with high
Pressure power tube integrated package to save the overall cost of the product to the
maximum extent . The power supply controller can work in a typical
Flyback topology to form a simple AC / DC converter. IC's internal circuitry can be used to
start the power switch itself
Amplification to complete start , greatly minimizes the power consumption of the starting
resistor ; from the IC when the output power of the small
Automatically reduce the operating frequency , in order to achieve a very low standby power
consumption ; patent switch drive circuit operates in the critical saturation
State, improve the efficiency of the system, the system can easily meet the standby power
consumption and efficiency on "Energy Star"
Certification requirements. Down in achieving standby while limiting the operating
frequency into the audio range, to prevent audible noise generation .
4-12V operating voltage range provides easy VCC voltage design space, but when VCC
reaches 12V chip protection,
Or limit the output optocoupler feedback circuitry prevents damage caused by the output
voltage is too high , IC also provides a comprehensive internal anti-
Overload and anti- saturation function , real-time guard against overload, transformer
saturation , output short circuit or other abnormal conditions, to improve the supply of
Reliability. IC also incorporates thermal protection , reduce the output power in the case of
system overheating , or turn off the output .
The standards are now available DIP8 package and meet ROHS standards.

Figure 1
Second, the characteristics  
 meet the input voltage range AC85350V design requirements.  
 has a standby frequency reduction function, no audio noise problem, the following 
0.25W standby power consumption can be achieved  
 efficient drive circuit, 45% higher efficiency than similar products.  
 And similar products is reduced by 40% chip fever  
 to meet the latest Energy Star 2.0 requirements for efficiency and standby power 
 with temperature compensation, precision current control  
 low starting current and wide operating voltage range of low operating current,412V's.  
 wide voltage continuous output power up to 12W, peak output power up to 15W  
 overtemperature protection (OTP)  
 overvoltage protection (OVP)  
 high reliability  
 can be realized without Y capacitors System Design  
 minimal external components, the overall program cost is low  
Third, the application  
 small appliances (eg: cooker)  
 power adapter (such as communications terminal products)  
 DVD / DVB Power PC, LCD TV standby power 

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