Actuators. PHUA8060-35A-33-000 Datasheet

PHUA8060-35A-33-000 Actuators. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part PHUA8060-35A-33-000
Description Actuators
Feature P i e z o H a p t TM A c t u a t o r s January 2018 PiezoHaptTM Actuators For general use PHU series.
Manufacture TDK
Total Page 8 Pages
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P i e z o H a p t TM A c t u a t o r s
January 2018
PiezoHaptTM Actuators
For general use
PHU series
Products in this catalog are in preparation for mass production.

P i e z o H a p t TM A c t u a t o r s
Before using these products, be sure to request the delivery specifications.
Please pay sufficient attention to the warnings for safe designing when using this products.
In use of this product, it should be minded by notes and please perform a safety design, after checking the individual standard for every unit
Do not apply DC bias to the product. In addition, the insulation resistance may be reduced and the function may not be performed.
Use piezoelectric devices so that moisture-containing substances and water droplets do not come into contact with each other.
There is a risk of performance degradation, adhere to the following matters.
Store the product in a packaged condition to avoid sudden temperature changes, condensation, direct sunlight, corrosive gas, dust, and dust.
Use within six months.
Do not apply strong shocks (fall etc.) or pressure by which a crack goes into a product.
Do not supply any voltage higher than applicable to the product.
Do not use the piezoelectric buzzer outdoors. It is designed for indoor use.
Do not apply the temperature more than 150°C.
When designing your equipment even for general-purpose applications, you are kindly requested to take into consideration securing protec-
tion circuit/device or providing backup circuits in your equipment.
Do not wash the product in such a way that solvent or gas can penetrate the product.
Handle piezoelectric devices with care so that they do not touch them by hand. It can cause corrosion and the charge being charged may be
discharged to the hands.
Discharge the product before connecting it to the measuring instrument.
Do not remove the piezoelectric element from the diaphragm.
When soldering, be careful not to attach flux or other foreign matter to the piezoelectric device.
When soldering a terminal pin, perform the soldering in clean conditions without contamination or rust in order to avoid poor connections.
Check the resonant frequency in the mounting condition, and use the product within the range where the resonant frequency is not affected by
the resonance with a reference value of 1/2 or less of the resonant frequency.
When fixing the product by adhesion, etc., investigate the type, amount, adhesion, etc. of the adhesive, conduct a reliability evaluation test,
and confirm that there are no abnormalities.
Do not use the product on a device that allows consumers to touch the product.
Do not rework the product.
The characteristics may vary depending on the shape and location of the mounting part. Check the mounted condition.
Please take appropriate measures such as acquiring protective circuits and devices that meet the uses, applications, and conditions of the
instruments and keeping backup circuits.
We are not liable for any damage caused by the use of equipment (automobiles, aircraft, medical equipment, nuclear power equipment, etc.)
that requires high safety and reliability, or that may cause damage to human life, body, property, etc., or that may have a significant social
impact due to a product failure, malfunction, or failure, as well as the use of the product beyond the scope and conditions of this catalog.
Do not use it in the following environments
Corrosive gases (Cl2, NH3, H2S, SOx, NOx, etc.)
Environments with highly conductive substances (electrolytes, water, saltwater, etc.)
Environments with acid, alkali, or organic solvents
Places to be exposed to dust.
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