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HAL523 Datasheet
Recommendation HAL523 Datasheet
Part HAL523
Description Hall Effect Sensor
Feature HAL523; Hardware Documentation Data Sheet HAL® 5xy Hall-Effect Sensor Family Edition April 15, 2010 DSH00002.
Manufacture Micronas
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Micronas HAL523
Data Sheet
HAL® 5xy
Hall-Effect Sensor Family
Edition April 15, 2010

Micronas HAL523
HAL 5xy
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April 15. 2010; DSH000020_004EN

Micronas HAL523
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4 1.1.
4 1.2.
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6 1.6.
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8 3.1.
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13 3.3.
13 3.4.
13 3.4.1.
14 3.5.
15 3.6.
16 3.7.
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22 4.1.
24 4.2.
26 4.3.
28 4.4.
30 4.5.
32 4.6.
34 4.7.
36 4.8.
38 4.9.
40 4.10.
42 4.11.
44 4.12.
46 5.
46 5.1.
46 5.2.
46 5.3.
46 5.4.
48 6.
Family Overview
Marking Code
Operating Junction Temperature Range
Hall Sensor Package Codes
Solderability and Welding
Functional Description
Outline Dimensions
Dimensions of Sensitive Area
Positions of Sensitive Areas
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Storage and Shelf Life
Recommended Operating Conditions
Magnetic Characteristics Overview
Type Description
HAL 501
HAL 502
HAL 503
HAL 504
HAL 505
HAL 506
HAL 507
HAL 508
HAL 509
HAL 516
HAL 519
HAL 523
Application Notes
Ambient Temperature
Extended Operating Conditions
Start-Up Behavior
Data Sheet History
HAL 5xy
April 15. 2010; DSH000020_004EN

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