NTC2.5D-11 Datasheet, Equivalent, NTC Thermistor.

NTC Thermistor

Part NTC2.5D-11
Description NTC Thermistor
Feature NTC Thermistor Features This is a Negative Temperature Coefficient Resistor Whose resistance changes with ambient temperature changes. Thermistor comprises 2 or 4 kinds of metal oxides of iron, nickel,cobalt, manganese and copper, being shaped and Sintered at high temperature(1200℃ to 1500℃ ) Critical Technical Parameters of NTC Thermistor * Rt---Resistance Value at Zero-power It's a resistance which is got at a fixed temperature on a basis of a testing power which causes resistance to Vary in a range which can be ignored in relation to the total testing eror. * R25---Resistance Value at Rated.
Manufacture CPS
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NTC2.5D-11   NTC2.5D-11

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NTC2.5D-11 Datasheet



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