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24-Lane 24-Port PCIe® Gen2
System Interconnect Switch
Device Overview
The 89HPES24NT24G2 is a member of the IDT family of PCI
Express® switching solutions. The PES24NT24G2 is a 24-lane, 24-port
system interconnect switch optimized for PCI Express Gen2 packet
switching in high-performance applications, supporting multiple simulta-
neous peer-to-peer traffic flows. Target applications include multi-host or
intelligent I/O based systems where inter-domain communication is
required, such as servers, storage, communications, and embedded
High Performance Non-Blocking Switch Architecture
24-lane, 24-port PCIe switch with flexible port configuration
Integrated SerDes supports 5.0 GT/s Gen2 and 2.5 GT/s
Gen1 operation
Delivers up to 24 GBps (192 Gbps) of switching capacity
Supports 128 Bytes to 2 KB maximum payload size
Low latency cut-through architecture
Supports one virtual channel and eight traffic classes
Port Configurability
Twenty-four x1 ports configurable as follows:
One x8 stack
• Eight x1 ports (ports 0 through 7 are not capable of
merging with an adjacent port)
Two x8 stacks configurable as:
• Two x8 ports
• Four x4 ports
• Eight x2 ports
• Sixteen x1 ports
Automatic per port link width negotiation
(x8 x4x2 x1)
Crosslink support
Automatic lane reversal
Per lane SerDes configuration
Receive equalization
Drive strength
Innovative Switch Partitioning Feature
Supports up to 8 fully independent switch partitions
Logically independent switches in the same device
Configurable downstream port device numbering
Supports dynamic reconfiguration of switch partitions
Dynamic port reconfiguration — downstream, upstream,
non-transparent bridge
Dynamic migration of ports between partitions
Movable upstream port within and between switch partitions
Non-Transparent Bridging (NTB) Support
Supports up to 8 NT endpoints per switch, each endpoint can
communicate with other switch partitions or external PCIe
domains or CPUs
6 BARs per NT Endpoint
Bar address translation
All BARs support 32/64-bit base and limit address translation
Two BARs (BAR2 and BAR4) support look-up table based
address translation
32 inbound and outbound doorbell registers
4 inbound and outbound message registers
Supports up to 64 masters
Unlimited number of outstanding transactions
Compliant with the PCI-SIG multicast
Supports 64 multicast groups
Supports multicast across non-transparent port
Multicast overlay mechanism support
ECRC regeneration support
Integrated Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controllers
Supports up to 2 DMA upstream ports, each with 2 DMA chan-
Supports 32-bit and 64-bit memory-to-memory transfers
Fly-by translation provides reduced latency and increased
performance over buffered approach
Supports arbitrary source and destination address alignment
Supports intra- as well as inter-partition data transfers using
the non-transparent endpoint
Supports DMA transfers to multicast groups
Linked list descriptor-based operation
Flexible addressing modes
Linear addressing
Constant addressing
Quality of Service (QoS)
Port arbitration
Round robin
Request metering
IDT proprietary feature that balances bandwidth among
switch ports for maximum system throughput
High performance switch core architecture
Combined Input Output Queued (CIOQ) switch architecture
with large buffers
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2013 Integrated Device Technology, Inc
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December 17, 2013

IDT 89HPES24NT24G2 Datasheet
Supports 100 MHz and 125 MHz reference clock frequencies
Flexible port clocking modes
Common clock
Non-common clock
Local port clock with SSC (spread spectrum setting) and port
reference clock input
Hot-Plug and Hot Swap
Hot-plug controller on all ports
Hot-plug supported on all downstream switch ports
All ports support hot-plug using low-cost external I2C I/O
Configurable presence-detect supports card and cable appli-
GPE output pin for hot-plug event notification
Enables SCI/SMI generation for legacy operating system
Hot-swap capable I/O
Power Management
Supports D0, D3hot and D3 power management states
Active State Power Management (ASPM)
Supports L0, L0s, L1, L2/L3 Ready, and L3 link states
Configurable L0s and L1 entry timers allow performance/
power-savings tuning
SerDes power savings
Supports low swing / half-swing SerDes operation
SerDes associated with unused ports are turned off
SerDes associated with unused lanes are placed in a low
power state
Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS)
ECRC support
AER on all ports
SECDED ECC protection on all internal RAMs
End-to-end data path parity protection
Checksum Serial EEPROM content protected
Ability to generate an interrupt (INTx or MSI) on link up/down
Initialization / Configuration
Supports Root (BIOS, OS, or driver), Serial EEPROM, or
SMBus switch initialization
Common switch configurations are supported with pin strap-
ping (no external components)
Supports in-system Serial EEPROM initialization/program-
On-Die Temperature Sensor
Range of 0 to 127.5 degrees Celsius
Three programmable temperature thresholds with over and
under temperature threshold alarms
Automatic recording of maximum high or minimum low
9 General Purpose I/O
Test and Debug
Ability to inject AER errors simplifies in system error handling
software validation
On-chip link activity and status outputs available for several
Per port link activity and status outputs available using
external I2C I/O expander for all remaining ports
Supports IEEE 1149.6 AC JTAG and IEEE 1149.1 JTAG
Standards and Compatibility
PCI Express Base Specification 2.1 compliant
Implements the following optional PCI Express features
Advanced Error Reporting (AER) on all ports
End-to-End CRC (ECRC)
Access Control Services (ACS)
Device Serial Number Enhanced Capability
Sub-System ID and Sub-System Vendor ID Capability
Internal Error Reporting
VGA and ISA enable
L0s and L1 ASPM
Power Supplies
Requires three power supply voltages (1.0V, 2.5V, and 3.3V)
Packaged in a 19mm x 19mm 324-ball Flip Chip BGA with
1mm ball spacing
Product Description
With Non-Transparent Bridging functionality and innovative Switch
Partitioning feature, the PES24NT24G2 allows true multi-host or multi-
processor communications in a single device. Integrated DMA control-
lers enable high-performance system design by off-loading data transfer
operations across memories from the processors. Each lane is capable
of 5 GT/s link speed in both directions and is fully compliant with PCI
Express Base Specification 2.1.
A non-transparent bridge (NTB) is required when two PCI Express
domains need to communicate to each other. The main function of the
NTB block is to initialize and translate addresses and device IDs to
allow data exchange across PCI Express domains. The major function-
alities of the NTB block are summarized in Table 1.
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December 17, 2013

Features 24-Lane 24-Port PCIe® Gen2 System Inter connect Switch ® 89HPES24NT24G2 Datas heet Device Overview The 89HPES24NT24G 2 is a member of the IDT family of PCI Express® switching solutions. The PES2 4NT24G2 is a 24-lane, 24-port system in terconnect switch optimized for PCI Exp ress Gen2 packet switching in high-perf ormance applications, supporting multip le simultaneous peer-to-peer traffic fl ows. Target applications include multi- host or intelligent I/O based systems w here inter-domain communication is requ ired, such as servers, storage, communi cations, and embedded systems. Features  High Performance Non-Blocking Swit ch Architecture – 24-lane, 24-port PC Ie switch with flexible port configurat ion – Integrated SerDes supports 5.0 GT/s Gen2 and 2.5 GT/s Gen1 operation Delivers up to 24 GBps (192 Gbps) of switching capacity – Supports 128 By tes to 2 KB maximum payload size – Lo w latency cut-through architecture – Supports one virtual channel and eight traffic classes  Port Configurability – .
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