LED Indicator. ASMT-QTB2-0A002 Datasheet

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Part ASMT-QTB2-0A002
Description PLCC-4 Surface Mount LED Indicator
Feature ASMT-QTB2-xxxxx PLCC-4 Surface Mount LED Indicator Data Sheet Description This family of SMT LEDs i.
Manufacture Avago
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ASMT-QTB2-xxxxx PLCC-4 Surface Mount LED Indicator Data Shee ASMT-QTB2-0A002 Datasheet
Recommendation Recommendation Datasheet ASMT-QTB2-0A002 Datasheet

PLCC-4 Surface Mount LED Indicator
Data Sheet
This family of SMT LEDs is packaged in the industry
standard PLCC-4 package. These SMT LEDs have high
brightness and reliability performance and are designed
to work under a wide range of environmental conditions.
This high reliability feature makes them ideally suited
to be used under exterior and interior full color signs
application conditions.
To facilitate easy pick & place assembly, the LEDs are
packed in EIA-compliant tape and reel. Every reel will be
shipped in single intensity and color bin; except red color
to provide close uniformity.
These LEDs are compatible with IR soldering process.
This super wide viewing angle at 120° together with
the built in reflector pushing up the intensity of the
light output makes these LED suitable to be used in the
interior electronics signs. The flat top emitting surface
makes it easy for these LEDs to mate with light pipes.
This is suitable for general backlighting in automotive
interior, office equipment, industrial equipment, and
home appliances.
Industry Standard PLCC-4 package
- (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier)
High reliability LED package due to enhanced silicone
resin material
High brightness using AlInGaP and InGaN dice
Super wide viewing angle at 120°
Available in 8mm carrier tape on 7-inch reel
Compatible with IR soldering process
Black surface RGB PLCC-4 for higher contrast
Electronic Signs and Signals
- Exterior and Interior Full Color Sign
- Variable Message Sign
Interior automotive
- Instrument cluster backlighting
- Central console backlighting
- Cabin backlighting
Office automation, Home appliances, Industrial
- Front panel backlighting
- Display backlighting
CAUTION: ASMT-QTB2-xxxxx LEDs are Class 1C ESD sensitive. Please observe appropriate precautions
during handling and processing. Refer to Avago Application Note AN-1142 for additional details.

Package Dimensions
1. All Dimensions are in millimeters.
2. Tolerance = ±0.2 mm unless otherwise specified.
3. Terminal Finish: Ag plating
4. Encapsulation material: Silicone resin
Lead Configuration
1 Cathode
2 Common Anode
3 Cathode
4 Cathode
Figure 1. Package Drawing
Table 1. Device Selection Guide
Tri Color
Part Number
Color 1
AlInGaP Red
Color 2
InGaN Green
Color 3
InGaN Blue
Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Min. Iv @ 20mA Typ. Iv @ 20mA Min. Iv @ 20mA Typ. Iv @ 20mA Min. Iv @ 20mA Typ. Iv @ 20mA
Part Number
Bin ID (mcd) (mcd)
Bin ID (mcd) (mcd)
Bin ID (mcd) (mcd)
ASMT-QTB2-0A002 T2
355 505
V1 715 1015
S2 224 325
1. The luminous intensity IV, is measured at the mechanical axis of the lamp package. The actual peak of the spatial radiation pattern may not be
aligned with this axis.
2. Tolerance = ± 12 %

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