LM3248 Datasheet, Equivalent, DC/DC Converter.

2.5A Adjustable Boost-Buck DC/DC Converter

Part LM3248
Description 2.5A Adjustable Boost-Buck DC/DC Converter
Feature LM3248 SNVSA01A – JULY 2013 – REVISED SEPTEMBER 2013 LM3248 2.7 MHz, 2.5A Adjustable Boost-Buck DC/DC Converter with Boost and Active Current Assist and Analog Bypass (ACB) Check for Samples: LM3248 FEATURES 1 •2 Output Voltage VOUT Adjustable from 0.4V to 4.0V (typ.) • Input Voltage Range VIN from 2.7V to 5.5V • Boost-Buck and Buck (Boost-Bypass) Operating Modes with Seamless Transition • 2.5A Load Current Capability • High Conversion Efficiency (> 90% typ.) • High-Efficiency PFM/PWM Modes with Seamless Transition • Very Fast Transient Response: 10 µs • ACB Reduces Inductor Siz.
Manufacture Texas Instruments
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LM3248   LM3248

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LM3248 Datasheet



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