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STNRGPF12 Datasheet
Recommendation STNRGPF12 Datasheet
Description 2-channel interleaved PFC driver
Feature STNRGPF12; STNRGPF02, STNRGPF12 Datasheet 2-channel interleaved PFC driver with embedded digital inrush current.
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
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STMicroelectronics STNRGPF12
2-channel interleaved PFC driver with embedded digital inrush current limiter
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Product summary
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• Embedded digital inrush current limiter function
• Interleaved PFC digital controller
• Two interleaved channels PFC
• Continuous conduction mode
• Fixed frequency operation
• Average current mode control
• Mixed signal architecture
• Soft start-up management
• Burst mode support
• Load feed forward
• Input voltage feed forward
• Channel current balance function
• Programmable phase shedding
• Status indicator signaling for cooling system, PFC Fault and PFC OK
• Configurable driver by means of dedicated graphic tool
• Programmable fast overcurrent and thermal protection
• Serial communication port available for:
– Device programming;
– Monitoring of the PFC parameters
• Suitable for >600 W applications:
– Welding, air conditioner
– Industrial motors
– UPS, chargers, high power systems
• Customizable firmware
• Configuration via eDesign suite
• Embedded memory
– Program memory: 32 Kbytes flash
– Data retention 15 years at 85 °C after 10 kcycles at 25 °C
– Data memory: 1 Kbyte true data E2PROM; data retention: 15 years at 85
°C after 100 kcycles at 85 °C
– Flash and E2PROM with read while write (RWW) and error correction code
– RAM: 6 Kbytes
• Communication interfaces
– UART asynchronous protocol for bootloader support and monitoring of the
PFC parameters
• Operating temperature: -40 °C up to 105 °C
The STNRGPF02/12 embed the Inrush Current Limiter function.
STNRGPF12 features a digital inrush current control generating two PWM’s signals
in order to drives the input semi-controlled bridge.
DS12895 - Rev 2 - June 2020
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STMicroelectronics STNRGPF12
STNRGPF02 embeds inrush current control function setting high a signal that is used
to short a resistive element.
This datasheet contains the description of features, pinout, pin assignment, electrical
characteristics, mechanical data and ordering information.
• For information on programming, erasing and protection of the internal Flash
memory, please refer to the RM0446 User Manual (see
DS12895 - Rev 2
page 2/43

STMicroelectronics STNRGPF12
General description
General description
The STNRGPFx2 are digital controllers designed specifically for interleaved CCM boost PFC topologies in high
power applications and embed the Inrush current limiter function.
The Interleaving technique splits the PFC management into two or more parallel channels depending on the load
condition. The driving signal will be out of phase of a proper value.
This phase shift will be calculated basing on the number of paralleled channels according to the following formula:
Equation 1
number of cannels
The benefits of the interleaved topology, compared to traditional single stage PFC, are measured in terms of
reduction of EMI filter and inductor volume, and a reduction of rms capacitor current.
The STNRGPFx2 contain all the control functions for designing a high efficiency-mode power supply with
sinusoidal line current consumption.
They work in CCM, fixed frequency with average current mode control, implementing a mixed signal (analog/
digital) control joining the advantages of very high-end digital solution without typical limits of analog ones.
In the mixed signal approach, the inner current loop is performed in hardware realizing an analog Proportional-
Integral (PI) compensator, and the outer voltage loop is performed by a digital PI controller with fast dynamic
The STNRGPFx2 can be configured by a dedicated software tool (eDesignSuite) in order to be customized for a
specific application. So, the user has to open the software tool, enters the converter specs and runs the
configurator. The results will be: Schematic, BoM, and Binary code containing the parameters calculated by the
The binary code can be downloaded into the STNRGPFx2 through the programming software STSW-
STNRGPF01 (by means serial interface) having a customized device that can be used like analog device ready to
use in application.
Inrush current limiter function description
The STNRGPFx2 devices have the Inrush Current Limiter function embedded. As soon as power supplies are
connected to AC line, they are subject to short-duration, high amplitude, input current called “Inrush Current”. The
inrush current continues until the voltage across the internal capacitors reaches approximately the peak amplitude
of the input AC line. If uncontrolled, the inrush current can damage the components of the power supply. Several
solutions can be adopted to limit this current and STNRGPFx2 devices are able to manage two control methods.
Inrush current limiter function with resistive element (STNRGPF02 only)
One method to limit the Inrush Current is to add a resistive element R (resistors, thermistors, etc.) in series with
DC capacitors. Figure 1 shows one implementation of this technique. As soon as the capacitor C is charged, no
current flows, and the STNRGPF02 will do the ON signal to switch S1 in order to short R. In this way the losses
during normal operation are minimized.
DS12895 - Rev 2
page 3/43

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