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Part WM8963
Description Ultra-Low Power Stereo CODEC
Feature WM8963 Ultra-Low Power Stereo CODEC with Audio Enhancement DSP, 2W Stereo Class D Speaker Drivers a.
Manufacture Cirrus Logic
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Ultra-Low Power Stereo CODEC with Audio Enhancement
DSP, 2W Stereo Class D Speaker Drivers and Ground
Referenced Headphone Drivers
The WM8963 is a low power, high performance stereo CODEC
designed for portable digital audio applications.
An integrated charge pump provides a ground referenced output
which removes the need for DC-blocking capacitors on the
headphone outputs, and uses the Wolfson ‘Class-W’ amplifier
techniquesincorporating an innovative dual-mode charge
pump architectureto optimise efficiency and power
consumption during playback. A DC Servo is used to reduce DC
ground offsets. This improves power consumption and
minimises pops and clicks.
Stereo class D speaker drivers provide 2W per channel into 4
loads with a 5V supply. Low leakage, excellent PSRR and
pop/click suppression mechanisms also allow direct battery
connection to the speaker supply. Flexible speaker boost
settings allow speaker output power to be maximised while
minimising other analogue supply currents.
Control sequences for audio path setup can be pre-loaded and
executed by an integrated sequencer to reduce software driver
development and eliminate pops and clicks via Cirrus Logic’s
SilentSwitch™ technology.
Flexible input configuration: four stereo or eight mono analogue
inputs on Left or Right ADC. A two-channel digital microphone
interface is also supported. External component requirements
are drastically reduced as no separate microphone, speaker or
headphone amplifiers are required. Advanced on-chip digital
signal processing performs automatic level control for the
microphone or line input.
Stereo 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs and DACs are used with low
power over-sampling digital interpolation and decimation filters
and a flexible digital audio interface.
A programmable audio enhancement DSP is included with
multiple preset algorithms. Virtual Surround Sound (VSS)
widens the stereo speaker audio image, and ReTuneTM can be
used to flatten the frequency response of an external speaker.
The Multi-band Compressor (MBC) can maximize the loudness
of an audio signal, without overdriving the speaker. The
configurable DSP also includes 3D widening for recording, a 5-
band parametric EQ, and Dynamic Range Controller.
A high performance Frequency Locked Loop (FLL) is provided,
to enable flexible system clocking. An internal oscillator (using
external crystal) is also provided. Clock output signals, derived
from the FLL, can also be enabled to support synchronous
clocking of external circuits.
The WM8963 supports 1.8V external supplies. 1.2V digital core
supply is supported, for low power operation. Speaker supplies
up to 5.5V (including direct connection to a battery) enable
maximum speaker output power. Unused functions can be
disabled using software control to save power.
The WM8963 is supplied in a very small W-CSP package, ideal
for use in hand-held and portable systems.
DAC SNR 98dB (‘A’ weighted), THD -84dB at 48kHz, 1.8V
ADC SNR 94dB (‘A’ weighted), THD -85dB at 48kHz, 1.8V
Stereo Class D Speaker Driver
- 2W per channel into 4BTL speakers
- 2W mono mode (for improved THD)
- Flexible internal switching clock
Wolfson ‘Class-W’ ultra-low power headphone driver
- Up to 31mW per channel output power at 1% THD+N
- Support for 2 stereo headphone outputs
- Ground Referenced
- Low offset (+/- 1.4mV)
- Pop and click suppression
Microphone Interface
- Four stereo, single-ended analogue inputs
- Digital microphone interface
- Integrated low noise MICBIAS
- Integrated LDO to generate MICVDD supply
- Programmable ALC / Limiter and Noise Gate
Programmable Audio Enhancement DSP with Presets
- Virtual Surround Sound
- ReTuneTM frequency linearisation
- Multi-Band Compression (MBC)
Fixed Audio Processing DSP
- 3D stereo widening
- 5-band Parametric EQ
- Dynamic range controller
- Beep generator
Integrated FLL for flexible audio system clocking
- External clock outputs from FLL
Low power consumption
- 5.0mW headphone playback
- 6.1mW analogue record mode
- 1.8V analogue & digital I/O supplies
- 1.2V digital core supply, for low power operation.
1.7V (min) required for full range of clocking ratios
- 5.5V (max) speaker supply for high power output
2-wire I2C and 3- or 4-wire SPI serial control interface
Standard sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz
W-CSP, 3.6mm x 3.9mm, 49-pin
Portable gaming
Voice recorders
Mobile multimedia
Stereo DSC-Camcorder
Copyright Cirrus Logic, Inc., 20132016
(All Rights Reserved)
Rev 4.2
AUG ‘16

Rev 4.2

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