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Part SL3S1024
Description UCODE
Feature SL3S10x4 UCODE 7xm-1k, UCODE 7xm-2k and UCODE 7xm+ Rev. 3.3 — 30 November 2016 325033 Product dat.
Manufacture NXP
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UCODE 7xm-1k, UCODE 7xm-2k and UCODE 7xm+
Rev. 3.3 — 30 November 2016
Product data sheet
1. General description
The UCODE 7xm series is the latest generation of NXP’s memory UHF tag ICs. With the
leading-edge read range UCODE 7xm is well suited for applications which require high
read range and also demanding an extended user memory to store data specific to
customer or products. UCODE 7xm offers an user memory of 1-kbit or 2-kbit, whereas
UCODE 7xm+ supports 2-kbit user memory and a 384-bit digital signature.
Both products incorporate features known from UCODE 7 like pre-serialization, tag power
indicator as well as the product status flag.
There are numbers of applications where the combination of high read range and user
memory is needed, such as:
Inventory and supply chain management
Process optimization (e.g in the automotive industry)
Brand protection/authentication (e.g. expensive wines or branded luxury fashion
Automatic vehicle ID where no cryptography is required
Asset tracking (e.g. for high value assets)
2. Features and benefits
2.1 Key features
Read sensitivity 19 dBm
Write sensitivity 12 dBm
Encoding speed: 32 bits per 1.5 milliseconds
Up to 2-kbit user memory
Digital signature
Standard functionality
Untraceable feature
Tag Power Indicator
Pre-serialization for 96-bit EPC
Integrated Product Status Flag (PSF)
Parallel encoding mode
According to EPCglobal v1.2.0
Compatible with single-slit antenna

NXP Semiconductors
UCODE 7xm and UCODE 7xm+
2.1.1 Memory
Up to 448-bit of EPC memory
Supports Pre-serialization for 96-bit EPC
96-bit Tag IDentifier (TID) factory locked
48-bit unique serial number factory-encoded into TID
1-kbit user memory for UCODE 7xm
2-kbit user memory for UCODE 7xm
2-kbit user memory for UCODE 7xm+
384-bit digital signature in UCODE 7xm+
32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
32-bit access password
Wide operating temperature range: 40 C up to +85 C
Minimum 100.000 write cycle endurance
Data retention 20 years
2.2 Key benefits
2.2.1 End user benefit
Extended user memory of up to 2-kbit
Brand protection feature using digital signature
Long read/write ranges due to leading edge chip sensitivity
Reliable operation in dense reader and noisy environments through high interference
2.2.2 Antenna design benefits
High sensitivity enables smaller and cost efficient antenna designs
Selected chip impedance enables re-use of antenna designs from UCODE 7
Label/module manufacturer benefit
Large RF pad-to-pad distance to ease antenna design
Symmetric RF inputs are less sensitive to process variation
Single-slit antenna for a more mechanically stable antenna connection
Pre-serialization of the 96-bit EPC
Extremely fast encoding of the EPC content
2.3 Supported features
All mandatory commands of EPCglobal v1.2.0 specification are implemented
The following optional commands are implemented:
BlockPermalock (block size of 256-bit)
32-bit BlockWrite
Implemented custom commands and features:
Product data sheet
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Rev. 3.3 — 30 November 2016
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