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Part NX3L1G3157-Q100
Description Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch
Feature NX3L1G3157-Q100 Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch Rev. 1 — 23 May 2013 Product dat.
Manufacture NXP
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Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch
Rev. 1 — 23 May 2013
Product data sheet
1. General description
The NX3L1G3157-Q100 is a low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch suitable
for use as an analog or digital 2:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer. It has a digital select input
(S), two independent inputs/outputs (Y0 and Y1) and a common input/output (Z). Schmitt
trigger action at the digital input makes the circuit tolerant to slower input rise and fall
The NX3L1G3157-Q100 allows signals with amplitude up to VCC to be transmitted from Z
to Y0 or Y1; or from Y0 or Y1 to Z. Its low ON resistance (0.5 ) and flatness (0.13 )
ensures minimal attenuation and distortion of transmitted signals.
This product has been qualified to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) standard
Q100 (Grade 1) and is suitable for use in automotive applications.
2. Features and benefits
Automotive product qualification in accordance with AEC-Q100 (Grade 1)
Specified from 40 C to +85 C and from 40 C to +125 C
Wide supply voltage range from 1.4 V to 4.3 V
Very low ON resistance:
1.6 (typical) at VCC = 1.4 V
1.0 (typical) at VCC = 1.65 V
0.55 (typical) at VCC = 2.3 V
0.50 (typical) at VCC = 2.7 V
0.50 (typical) at VCC = 4.3 V
Break-before-make switching
High noise immunity
ESD protection:
MIL-STD-883, method 3015 Class 3A exceeds 7500 V
HBM JESD22-A114F Class 3A exceeds 7500 V
MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V (C = 200 pF, R = 0 )
CDM AEC-Q100-011 revision B exceeds 1000 V
IEC61000-4-2 contact discharge exceeds 8000 V for switch ports
CMOS low-power consumption
Latch-up performance exceeds 100 mA per JESD78 Class II Level A
Direct interface with TTL levels at 3.0 V
Control input accepts voltages above supply voltage
High current handling capability (350 mA continuous current under 3.3 V supply)

NXP Semiconductors
Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch
3. Applications
Cell phone
Portable media player
4. Ordering information
Table 1. Ordering information
Type number
Temperature range Name
NX3L1G3157GW-Q100 40 C to +125 C SC-88
plastic surface-mounted package; 6 leads
5. Marking
Table 2. Marking codes[1]
Type number
Marking code
[1] The pin 1 indicator is located on the lower left corner of the device, below the marking code.
6. Functional diagram
1 Y1
3 Y0
Fig 1. Logic symbol
Fig 2. Logic diagram
Product data sheet
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Rev. 1 — 23 May 2013
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