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Part MCA1206
Description Precision flat chip resistor
Feature BCcomponents DATA SHEET MCT 0603; MCU 0805; MCA 1206 Precision flat chip resis.
Manufacture BC
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MCT 0603; MCU 0805;
MCA 1206
Precision flat chip resistors
Product specification
Supersedes data of 8th June 2001
File under BCcomponents, BC08
2002 Dec 19

Precision flat chip resistors
Product specification
MCT 060w3w;wM.DaCtaUShe0et48U.0co5m ;
MCA 1206
· Thin-film technology
· Low TC: ±10 to ±25 ppm/K
· Precision tolerance of value: ±0,1 and ±0,25%
· Superior overall stability: class 0,1 and 0,25
· Green product, supports lead-free soldering.
Case sizes
Imperial: 0603
Metric: RR 1608M
RR 2012M
RR 3216M
· Test and measuring equipment
· Medical equipment
· Industrial equipment.
MCT 0603, MCT 0805 and MCA 1206 Precision Thin Film
Flat Chip Resistors combine the proven reliability of the
professional products with an advanced level of precision
and stability. Therefore they are perfectly suited for
applications in the fields of test and measuring equipment
together with industrial and medical electronics.
Production is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set
of instructions established for reproducibility. A
homogeneous film of metal alloy is deposited on a super
high grade (96% Al203) ceramic substrate and conditioned
to achieve the desired temperature coefficient. Specially
designed inner contacts are deposited on both sides. A
special laser is used to achieve the target value by smoothly
fine trimming the resistive layer without damaging the
ceramics. A further conditioning is applied in order to
stabilize the trimming result. The resistor elements are
covered by a blue protective coating designed for electrical,
mechanical and climatic protection. The terminations
receive a final pure tin on nickel plating.
The result of the determined production is verified by an
extensive testing procedure and optical inspection
performed on 100% of the individual chip resistors. Only
accepted products are laid directly into the paper tape in
accordance with EN 60 286-3.
The resistors are suitable for processing on automatic SMD
assembly systems and for automatic soldering using wave,
reflow or vapour phase. The encapsulation is resistant to all
cleaning solvents commonly used in the electronics
industry, including alcohols, esters and aqueous solutions.
The resistors are lead-free, the pure tin plating provides
compatibility with lead-free soldering processes. The
immunity of the plating against tin whisker growth has been
proven under extensive testing. All products comply with
the CEFIC-EECA-EICTA list of legal restrictions on hazardous
substances. Solderability is specified for 2 years after
production or re-qualification. The permitted storage time is
20 years.
The resistors are tested in accordance with
EN 140401-801 (superseding CECC 40401-801) which
refers to EN 60115-1 and EN140 400. Approval of
conformity is indicated by the CECC logo on the package
BCcomponents BEYSCHLAG has achieved "Approval of
Manufacturer" in accordance with EN 100 114-1. The
release certificate for "Technology Approval Schedule" in
accordance with CECC 240 001 based on EN 100114-6 is
granted for the BCcomponents BEYSCHLAG manufacturing
On request, resistors are available with established
reliability in accordance with CECC 40 401-801 Version E.
Please refer to the special data sheet for information on
failure rate level, available resistance ranges and order
2002 Dec 19

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