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TDA9381PS Datasheet
Recommendation TDA9381PS Datasheet
Part TDA9381PS
Description TV signal processor
Manufacture Philips
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Philips TDA9381PS
TDA935X/6X/8X PS/N2 series
TV signal processor-Teletext
decoder with embedded µ-Controller
Tentative Device Specification
FVielersuionnd:e2r.I8ntegrated Circuits, <Handbook>
2001 Jan 18
Previous date: 2000 Nov 29

Philips TDA9381PS
Philips Semiconductors
TV signal processor-Teletext decoder
with embedded µ-Controller
The various versions of theTDA935X/6X/8X PS/N2 series
combine the functions of a TV signal processor together
with a µ-Controller and US Closed Caption decoder. Most
versions have a Teletext decoder on board. The Teletext
decoder has an internal RAM memory for 1or 10 page text.
The ICs are intended to be used in economy television
receivers with 90° and 110° picture tubes.
The ICs have supply voltages of 8 V and 3.3 V and they
are mounted in S-DIP envelope with 64 pins.
The features are given in the following feature list. The
differences between the various ICs are given in the table
on page 4.
Tentative Device Specification
TDA935X/6X/8X PS/N2 series
TV-signal processor
Multi-standard vision IF circuit with alignment-free PLL
Internal (switchable) time-constant for the IF-AGC circuit
A choice can be made between versions with mono
intercarrier sound FM demodulator and versions with
QSS IF amplifier.
The mono intercarrier sound versions have a selective
FM-PLL demodulator which can be switched to the
different FM sound frequencies (4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5 MHz).
The quality of this system is such that the external
band-pass filters can be omitted.
Source selection between ‘internal’ CVBS and external
CVBS or Y/C signals
Integrated chrominance trap circuit
Integrated luminance delay line with adjustable delay
Picture improvement features with peaking (with
variable centre frequency and positive/negative
overshoot ratio) and black stretching
Integrated chroma band-pass filter with switchable
centre frequency
Only one reference (12 MHz) crystal required for the
µ-Controller, Teletext- and the colour decoder
PAL/NTSC or multi-standard colour decoder with
automatic search system
Internal base-band delay line
RGB control circuit with ‘Continuous Cathode
Calibration’, white point and black level offset
adjustment so that the colour temperature of the dark
and the light parts of the screen can be chosen
Linear RGB or YUV input with fast blanking for external
RGB/YUV sources. The Text/OSD signals are internally
supplied from the µ-Controller/Teletext decoder
Contrast reduction possibility during mixed-mode of
OSD and Text signals
Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and
alignment-free horizontal oscillator
Vertical count-down circuit
Vertical driver optimized for DC-coupled vertical output
Horizontal and vertical geometry processing
Horizontal and vertical zoom function for 16 : 9
Horizontal parallelogram and bow correction for large
screen picture tubes
Low-power start-up of the horizontal drive circuit
2001 Jan 18

Philips TDA9381PS
Philips Semiconductors
TV signal processor-Teletext decoder with
embedded µ-Controller
Tentative Device Specification
TDA935X/6X/8X PS/N2 series
80C51 µ-controller core standard instruction set and
1 µs machine cycle
32 - 128Kx8-bit late programmed ROM
3 - 12Kx8-bit Auxiliary RAM (shared with Display and
Interrupt controller for individual enable/disable with two
level priority
Two 16-bit Timer/Counter registers
One 16 bit Timer with 8-bit Pre-scaler
WatchDog timer
Auxiliary RAM page pointer
16-bit Data pointer
Stand-by, Idle and Power Down (PD) mode
14 bits PWM for Voltage Synthesis Tuning
8-bit A/D converter
4 pins which can be programmed as general I/O pin,
ADC input or PWM (6-bit) output
Data Capture
Text memory for 0, 1 or 10 pages
In the 10 page versions inventory of transmitted Teletext
pages stored in the Transmitted Page Table (TPT) and
Subtitle Page Table (SPT)
Data Capture for US Closed Caption
Data Capture for 525/625 line WST, VPS (PDC system
A) and Wide Screen Signalling (WSS) bit decoding
Automatic selection between 525 WST/625 WST
Automatic selection between 625 WST/VPS on line 16
of VBI
Real-time capture and decoding for WST Teletext in
Hardware, to enable optimized µ-processor throughput
Automatic detection of FASTEXT transmission
Real-time packet 26 engine in Hardware for processing
accented, G2 and G3 characters
Signal quality detector for video and WST/VPS data
Comprehensive teletext language coverage
Full Field and Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) data
capture of WST data
Teletext and Enhanced OSD modes
Features of level 1.5 WST and US Close Caption
Serial and Parallel Display Attributes
Single/Double/Quadruple Width and Height for
Scrolling of display region
Variable flash rate controlled by software
Enhanced display features including overlining,
underlining and italics
Soft colours using CLUT with 4096 colour palette
Globally selectable scan lines per row (9/10/13/16) and
character matrix [12x10, 12x13, 12x16 (VxH)]
Fringing (Shadow) selectable from N-S-E-W direction
Fringe colour selectable
Meshing of defined area
Contrast reduction of defined area
Special Graphics Characters with two planes, allowing
four colours per character
32 software redefinable On-Screen display characters
4 WST Character sets (G0/G2) in single device (e.g.
Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic)
G1 Mosaic graphics, Limited G3 Line drawing
WST Character sets and Closed Caption Character set
in single device
2001 Jan 18

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