AAL024-10 Datasheet, Equivalent, Magnetic Sensors.

Analog Magnetic Sensors

Part AAL024-10
Description Analog Magnetic Sensors
Feature AA/AB-Series Analog Magnetic Sensors AA/AB-Series Analog Magnetic Sensors Equivalent Circuit V+ (Supply) OUT- OUT+ V- (GND) Idealized Transfer Functions Output Output Features • Magnetometer and gradiometer configurations • Field ranges from <<0.1 mT to >400 mT • Ultrasensitive, high-field, and low-hysteresis versions • Wheatstone bridge analog outputs • Operation to near-zero voltage • Up to 1 MHz bandwidth • Up to 150°C operating temperature • ULLGA4, TDFN6, MSOP8, and SOIC8 packages Applications • Motion, speed, and position control • Low-field sensing • Motor commutator sensors • N.
Manufacture NVE
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AAL024-10   AAL024-10

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AAL024-10 Datasheet



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