R2A20162SA Datasheet, Equivalent, D/A Converter.

8-bit 2ch D/A Converter

Part R2A20162SA
Description 8-bit 2ch D/A Converter
Feature New Product R2A20162NS/SA/SP 8-bit 2ch D/A Converter with Buffer R03DS0016EJ0100 Rev.1.00 2011.09.05 Description The R2A20162 is an integrated circuit semiconductor of CMOS structure with 2 channels of built in D/A converters with output buffer op-amps. It is the electrical characteristic improvement version of the M62342. Serial data transfer type input can easily be used through a combination of three lines: DI, CLK, and LD. Outputs incorporate buffer op-amps that have a drive capacity of 1 mA or above for both sink source, and can operate over the entire voltage range from almost ground .
Manufacture Renesas
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R2A20162SA   R2A20162SA

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R2A20162SA Datasheet



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