TPS77450 Datasheet, Equivalent, LDO Regulators.

250-mA LDO Regulators

Part TPS77450
Description 250-mA LDO Regulators
Feature TPS77301/315/316/318/327/328/333/350 WITH RESET OUTPUT TPS77401/415/418/427/428/433/450 WITH POWER GOOD OUTPUT 250-mA LDO REGULATORS WITH 8-PIN MSOP PACKAGING SLVS281E – FEBRUARY 2000 – REVISED JULY 2001 D Open Drain Power-On Reset With 220-ms Delay (TPS773xx) D Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Status Output (TPS774xx) D 250-mA Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator D Available in 1.5-V, 1.6-V (TPS77316 Only), 1.8-V, 2.7-V, 2.8-V, 3.3-V, 5.0-V Fixed Output and Adjustable Versions D Dropout Voltage Typically 200 mV at 250 mA (TPS77333, TPS77433) D Ultralow 92-µA Quiescent Current (Typ) D 8-Pin MSOP (DGK) Pac.
Manufacture Texas Instruments
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TPS77450   TPS77450

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TPS77450 Datasheet



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