RC19216 Datasheet, Equivalent, Clock Mux.

PCIe Gen5/6 2-Input Clock Mux

Part RC19216
Description PCIe Gen5/6 2-Input Clock Mux
Feature RC192xx PCIe Gen5/6 2-Input Clock Mux Family with LOS Datasheet The RC192xx (RC19202, RC19204, RC19208, RC19216) are ultra-high performance clock muxes supporting PCIe Gen5 and Gen6. They provide a Loss-Of-Signal (LOS) output for system monitoring and redundancy. The devices also incorporate Power Down Tolerance (PDT), Flexible Power Sequencing (FPS), and Automatic Clock Parking (ACP) features to insure good behavior under abnormal system conditions. They can drive both source-terminated and double-terminated loads up to 400MHz. The CLKIN inputs also support either HCSL or LVDS signaling lev.
Manufacture Renesas
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RC19216   RC19216

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