HCC1000 Datasheet, Equivalent, Capable Optoisolator.

Hi-Reliability RAD Capable Optoisolator

Part HCC1000
Description Hi-Reliability RAD Capable Optoisolator
Feature Hi-Reliability RAD Capable Optoisolator HCC1000 (Through Hole) HCC1001 (SMT) Features: • TID Capable to 100Krad (SI)/cm2 ELDRS (0.1rad/s) • Neutron capable to 1E12 neutrons (14MeV) • Processed to MIL-STD-19500 TXV level • 1 KV electrical Isolation • Base Contact provided for conventional transistor biasing Description: These devices are similar to Optek’s 4N series of opto isolators with exception of the chips. It is processed per MIL-PRF19500 TXV level and can be modified per customer SCDs. Each device consists of a IRLED & NPN transistor mounted in either hermetic TO-78 metal can, 6 pin SMD .
Manufacture TT
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HCC1000   HCC1000

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HCC1000 Datasheet



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