NTM88J135ST1 Datasheet, Equivalent, monitor sensor.

Tire pressure monitor sensor

Part NTM88J135ST1
Description Tire pressure monitor sensor
Feature NTM88Jxx5S Tire pressure monitor sensor Rev. 1.2 — 21 July 2023 Objective data sheet 1 General description The NTM88 family consists of small (4 mm x 4 mm x 1.98 mm), fully integrated tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). The devices described in this data sheet, NTM88Jxx5S, provide low transmitting power consumption, large customer memory size, and single- or dual-axis accelerometer architecture. The NTM88Jxx5S TPMS solution integrates an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), pressure sensor, accelerometers in four ranges, programmable RF transmitter and flexible LF receiver. The sensor supports .
Manufacture NXP
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NTM88J135ST1   NTM88J135ST1

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