HM514400CL Datasheet, Equivalent, Access Memory.

1/048/576-word X 4-bit Dynamic Random Access Memory

Part HM514400CL
Description 1/048/576-word X 4-bit Dynamic Random Access Memory
Feature ADE-203-269A (Z) 1,048,576-word × 4-bit Dynamic Random Access Memory Rev. 1.0 Nov. 29, 1994 The Hitachi HM514400B/BL, HM514400C/CL are CMOS dynamic RAM organized 1,048,576word × 4-bit. HM514400B/BL, HM514400C/CL have realized higher density, higher performance and various functions by employing 0.8 µm CMOS process technology and some new CMOS circuit design technologies. The HM514400B/BL, HM514400C/CL offer Fast Page Mode as a high speed access mode. Multiplexed address input permits the HM514400B/BL, HM514400C/CL to be packaged in standard 300-mil 26-pin plastic SOJ, standard 400-mil 20-pin .
Manufacture Hitachi Semiconductor
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HM514400CL   HM514400CL

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HM514400CL Datasheet



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