12TQ045S Datasheet, Equivalent, SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER.


Part 12TQ045S
Feature Bulletin PD-20239 rev. B 12/01 12TQ 12TQS SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER 15 Amp IF(AV) = 15Amp VR = 35 to 45V Major Ratings and Characteristics Characteristics IF(AV) Rectangular waveform VRRM range IFSM @ tp = 5 µs sine VF TJ @ 15 Apk, TJ = 125°C range Description/ Features Units A The 12TQ Schottky rectifier series has been optimized for very low forward voltage drop, with moderate leakage. The proprietary barrier technology allows for reliable operation up to 150° C junction temperature. Typical applications are in switching power supplies, converters, free-wheeling diodes, and reverse batte.
Manufacture International Rectifier
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12TQ045S   12TQ045S

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