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Part 1417K5A
Description NetLight 1417K5A 2.5 Gbits/s 1300 nm Laser Transceiver with Clock and Data Recovery
Feature Data Sheet August 2001 NetLight ® 1417K5A 2.5 Gbits/s 1300 nm Laser Transceiver with Clock and Data.
Manufacture Agere Systems
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Data Sheet
August 2001
NetLight ® 1417K5A 2.5 Gbits/s
1300 nm Laser Transceiver with Clock and Data Recovery
s SONET SR OC-48, SDH I-16 applications
s High-speed, optical data interface for shelf-to-shelf
Available in a small form factor, RJ-45 size, plastic package,
the 1417K5A Transceiver is a high-performance, cost-effec-
tive, optical transceiver for SONET/SDH applications.
s Small form factor, RJ-45 size, 20-pin package
s LC duplex receptacle
s Uncooled 1300 nm laser transmitter with automatic
output power control
s Transmitter disable input
s Wide dynamic range receiver with InGaAs PIN
s Recovered clock outputs
s TTL signal-detect output
s Low power dissipation
s Single 3.3 V power supply
s LVPECL/CML compatible data inputs and CML
compatible data outputs
s Operating temperature range: 0 °C to
70 °C
s Agere Systems Inc. Reliability and Qualification
Program for built-in quality and reliability
The 1417K5A transceiver is a high-speed, cost-effec-
tive optical transceiver intended for 2.488 Gbits/s
shelf-to-shelf optical interconnect applications as well
as SONET SR OC-48 and SDH I-16. The transceiver
features proven Agere Systems optics and is pack-
aged in a narrow-width plastic housing with an LC
duplex receptacle. The receptacle fits into an RJ-45
form factor outline. The 20-pin package pinout con-
forms to a multisource transceiver agreement.
The transmitter features the ability to interface to both
LVPECL and CML differential logic level data inputs.
The transmitter also features a TTL logic level disable
input and laser bias and back-facet monitor outputs.
The receiver features differential CML logic level data
and clock outputs, a TTL logic level signal-detect out-
put and direct access to the PIN photodetector bias
input for photocurrent monitoring purposes.

NetLight 1417K5A 2.5 Gbits/s
1300 nm Laser Transceiver with Clock and Data Recovery
Data Sheet
August 2001
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are abso-
lute stress ratings only. Functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excess
of those given in the operations sections of the data sheet. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended
periods can adversely affect device reliability.
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Lead Soldering Temperature/Time
Operating Wavelength Range
Max Unit
TC 0 70 °C
Tstg –40 85 °C
λ 1.1 1.6 µm
Qualification and Reliability
To help ensure high product reliability and customer satisfaction, Agere Systems is committed to an intensive qual-
ity program that starts in the design phase and proceeds through the manufacturing process. Optoelectronic mod-
ules are qualified to Agere Systems internal standards as well as other appropriate industry standards using MIL-
STD-883 test methods and procedures, and using sampling techniques consistent with Telcordia ® requirements.
In addition, Agere Systems has been certified to be in full compliance with the latest ISO ® -9001 Quality System
Pin Information
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Figure 1. 1417K5A Transceiver, 20-Pin Configuration (top view)
2 Agere Systems Inc.

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