MIC10937 Datasheet, Equivalent, Display Controller.

V. F. Alphanumeric Display Controller

Part MIC10937
Description V. F. Alphanumeric Display Controller
Feature MIC10937/10957 Micrel MIC10937 V. F. Alphanumeric Display Controller General Description The MIC10937 Alphanumeric Display Controllers is a MOS/ LSI general purpose display controllers designed to interface to segmented displays (vacuum fluorescent or LED). The MIC10937 will drive displays with up to 16 characters with 14 or 16 segments. Segment decoding within each device provides for the ASCII character set (upper case only). No external driver circuitry is required for displays that operate on 20mA of drive current up to 50V. A 16 × 64-bit segment decoder provides internal ASCII characte.
Manufacture Micrel Semiconductor
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MIC10937   MIC10937

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