MIC10942 Datasheet, Equivalent, Display Controller.

V. F. Dot Matrix Display Controller

Part MIC10942
Description V. F. Dot Matrix Display Controller
Feature MIC10939/10942/10943 Micrel MIC10939/10942/10943 V. F. Dot Matrix Display Controller Summary Information*—Not Recommended for New Designs General Description The MIC10939, MIC10942, and MIC10943 Dot Matrix Display Controller is a three-chip MOS/LSI general purpose display controller system designed to interface to dot matrix displays (vacuum fluorescent or LED). The three-chip set will drive displays with up to 46 anodes (dots) and up to 20 grids (characters) plus a cursor. The chips can be cascaded to drive larger displays of up to 80 characters. An internal PLA-type decoder provides chara.
Manufacture Micrel Semiconductor
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MIC10942   MIC10942

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MIC10942 Datasheet



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