MIC1232 Datasheet, Equivalent, Voltage Supervisor.

5V Voltage Supervisor

Part MIC1232
Description 5V Voltage Supervisor
Feature MIC1232 5V Voltage Supervisor with Manual Reset, Watchdog Timer and Dual Reset Outputs General Description The MIC1232 is a low-current microprocessor supervisor for monitoring 5V systems. The device features logic selectable (TOL) reset thresholds of 5% or 10% of 5V; a pushbutton reset input (/PBRST); a watchdog timer with three-state selectable (TD) timeout periods of 150ms, 600ms, or 1.2s; a fixed reset timeout period of 250ms (min); and active-low open-drain reset (/RST) and activehigh push-pull reset (RST) outputs. The /RST output maintains a valid reset condition for VCC as low as 1.4V..
Manufacture Micrel Semiconductor
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MIC1232   MIC1232

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