P80C32 Datasheet, Equivalent, 8bit Microntroller.

CMOS 0 to 44 MHz Single Chip 8bit Microntroller

Part P80C32
Description CMOS 0 to 44 MHz Single Chip 8bit Microntroller
Feature 80C32/80C52 CMOS 0 to 44 MHz Single Chip 8–bit Microntroller Description TEMIC’s 80C52 and 80C32 are high performance CMOS versions of the 8052/8032 NMOS single chip 8 bit µC. The fully static design of the TEMIC 80C52/80C32 allows to reduce system power consumption by bringing the clock frequency down to any value, even DC, without loss of data. The 80C52 retains all the features of the 8052 : 8 K bytes of ROM ; 256 bytes of RAM ; 32 I/O lines ; three 16 bit timers ; a 6-source, 2-level interrupt structure ; a full duplex serial port ; and on-chip oscillator and clock circuits. In addition, t.
Manufacture TEMIC Semiconductors
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P80C32   P80C32

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P80C32 Datasheet



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