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Part TEA1069N
Description Versatile speech/dialler/ringer
Feature INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA1069; TEA1069A Versatile speech/dialler/ringer with music-on-hol.
Manufacture NXP
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Recommendation Recommendation Datasheet TEA1069N Datasheet

TEA1069; TEA1069A
Versatile speech/dialler/ringer with
Product specification
Supersedes data of 1996 Dec 10
File under Integrated Circuits, IC03
1998 Jan 08

Philips Semiconductors
Versatile speech/dialler/ringer with
Product specification
TEA1069; TEA1069A
Speech part
Voltage regulator with adjustable static resistance
Low DC line voltage; operates down to 1.6 V
(excluding polarity guard)
Supply for dialler part and peripherals (not stabilized)
Symmetrical high-impedance inputs (64 k) for
dynamic, magnetic, or piezoelectric microphones
Asymmetrical high-impedance input (32 k) for electret
Asymmetrical earpiece output for dynamic, magnetic,
or piezoelectric earpieces
Internal mute to disable speech during dialling
Confidence tone during DTMF dialling
Line-loss compensation (line-current dependent) for
microphone and earpiece amplifiers
Gain-control curve adaptable to the exchange supply.
Dialler part
Pulse/DTMF and mixed mode dialling
Last Number Redial (LNR), up to 32 digits
13 repertory numbers (3 direct and 10 indirect) or
10 repertory numbers (10 direct), up to 32 digits,
with a maximum of 224 digits in total
Repertory and redial memory integrity check
(memory contents check)
Notepad memory function
Flash and earth register recall
Dial mode output
Access pause generation and termination
Function keys for: store, memory recall, register recall,
LNR, pause, hold, mute, hook
Keytone generation
Hands-free control
Volume control in hands-free mode (VOL+/VOL)
Hold function
Mute function
Diode options:
– DTMF tone burst/pause time
– make/break ratio
– access pause time
– pulse or DTMF mode selection
– register recall (earth and flash times)
– keyboard layout selection
– selection for german requirements
– hold/mute mode selection.
Ringer part
Ringer input frequency discrimination
Ringer melody generation (3-tone)
Ringer melody selection/volume control via keyboard
Diode option: ringer frequency selection.
The TEA1069 and TEA1069A contain all the functions
needed to build a highly featured, high-performance fully
electronic telephone set.
The device incorporates a speech/transmission part, a
dialler part and a ringer part. By offering a wide range of
possible adaptations for each part, the TEA1069 and
TEA1069A application can be easily adapted to meet
different requirements.
The TEA1069A offers some different timings and diode
options compared to the TEA1069.
Where pin numbers are mentioned in this data sheet we
refer to the TEA1069N, unless otherwise indicated.
Speech part
The speech/transmission part performs all speech and line
interface functions required in electronic sets. It operates
at line voltages down to 1.6 V DC to facilitate the use of
more telephones connected in parallel.
Dialler part
The dialler part offers a 32-digit Last Number Redial (LNR)
and 13 memories. Hands-free control is included allowing
the TEA1069 and TEA1069A to be used not only in basic
telephones, but also in feature phones offering hands-free
dialling via the TEA1083 call-progress monitor IC and/or
full hands-free operation via the TEA1093 hands-free IC.
The hold function allows the user to suspend the
conversation and resume the call either on the same
phone or on a parallel phone. Additionally through the
music-on-hold function a melody is transmitted while the
set is put on hold. The keytones provide in a buzzer an
audible feedback of a valid key pressed.
1998 Jan 08

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