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Part TEA6850
Description DSP-based radio tuner one-chip
Feature INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA6850 IF filter / amplifier / demodulator for FM radio receivers .
Manufacture NXP
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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA6850 IF filter / amplifi TEA6850 Datasheet
Recommendation Recommendation Datasheet TEA6850 Datasheet

DSP-based radio tuner one-chip
Rev. 1.8 — 18 October 2013
Preliminary data sheet
1. General description
The TEA685X is a single-chip AM/FM tuner family with software-defined radio signal
processing. The family succeeds the industry-proven TEF662X tuner family, with
improved performance and increased feature set.
The devices are available in HVQFN packages occupying only smallest PCB real estate
and are suitable for dual- to multi-layer PCBs.
The radio receiver includes the FM/AM front-ends, tuning synthesizer, channel filtering,
demodulation, FM stereo decoding, weak signal processing, noise blanking and DARC
(TEA6852, TEA6853) support.
Stereo audio is provided in digital format on the I2S (TEA6853) outputs and on the audio
DAC outputs.
The TEA6853 supports the HD Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital radio
standards when used with NXP Semiconductors’ digital radio coprocessors such as
SAF356X and SAF360X.
2. Features and benefits
Alignment free digital receiver including tuner and software-defined radio processing
Command based high-level user interface combining high control flexibility with ease
of control
Read information with device and tuning status, reception quality and RDS data
FM receiver with a tuning range of 76 MHz to 108 MHz covering Japan, Europe and
US bands (TEA6850)
FM receiver with a tuning range of 65 MHz to 108 MHz covering Japan, Europe, US
and Eastern Europe bands (OIRT) (TEA6851, TEA6852, TEA6853)
AM receiver covering LW, MW and full SW (TEA6853)
Fully integrated tuning system with low phase noise and fast tuning
FM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal
AM LNA with AGC, matching active and passive antenna applications
AM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal, AM SW (TEA6853)
High dynamic range IF ADC

NXP Semiconductors
DSP-based radio tuner one-chip
Digital IF signal processing including decimation, shift to baseband, AGC control, I/Q
correction, variable IF bandwidth filtering (PACS) and demodulation
FM stereo decoding
Baseband I2S output supporting HD Radio and DRM1 with external digital radio
coprocessor (TEA6853)
Blending function for HD Radio reception (TEA6853)
AM and FM noise blanking, Signal quality detection and weak signal processing
Advanced RDS and RBDS demodulation and decoding (TEA6852, TEA6853)
MPX output supporting DARC demodulator (TEA6852, TEA6853)
One I2S input and one I2S output (TEA6853)
Two mono audio DACs
Single 3.3 V supply voltage
Fast mode I2C-bus (400 kHz)
Configurable GPIO pins for RDS (TEA6852, TEA6853), and generic I2C-bus controlled
3. Applications
The TEA685X is a single tuner AM/FM receiver for aftermarket and consumer applications
and supports analog AM/FM and HD/DRM reception (HD/DRM is supported in TEA6853
1. DRM includes DRM30 and DRM+ (band and )
Preliminary data sheet
All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.
Rev. 1.8. — 18 October 2013
© NXP B.V. 2013. All rights reserved.
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