TH7120 Datasheet, Equivalent, FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver.

300 to 930MHz FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver

Part TH7120
Description 300 to 930MHz FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver
Feature TH7120 300 to 930MHz FSK/FM/ASK Transceiver Features ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Single chip solution with only a few external components Stand-alone fixed-frequency transceiver operation modes Programmable multi-channel transceiver operation modes Low current consumption in active mode and very low standby current PLL-stabilized RF VCO (LO) with internal varactor diode Lock detection in programmable channel applications 3wire bus serial control interface FSK/ASK modulation selection FSK for digital data and FM for analog signal reception RSSI allows signal strength indication and ASK dete.
Manufacture ETC
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TH7120   TH7120

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TH7120 Datasheet



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