PAA110L Datasheet, Equivalent, OptoMOS Relay.


Part PAA110L
Description DUAL POLE OptoMOS Relay
Feature PAA110L DUAL POLE OptoMOS® Relay Load Voltage Load Current Max RON PAA110L 400 150 22 Units V mA Ω Description PAA110 is a 400V, 150mA, 22Ω 2-Form-A relay. This performance leader provides high peak load voltage handling capability and improved peak load current handling. Current limiting version is available ("L" suffix, see specification for variations in performance). Features • Small 8 Pin DIP Package • Low Drive Power Requirements (TTL/CMOS Compatible) • No Moving Parts • High Reliability • Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits • 3750VRMS Input/Output Isolation • VDE Compatible • FCC Co.
Manufacture Clare Inc.
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PAA110L   PAA110L

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PAA110L Datasheet



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