PAD50 Datasheet, Equivalent, Amp Diodes.

Low Leakage Pico Amp Diodes

Part PAD50
Description Low Leakage Pico Amp Diodes
Feature Low Leakage Pico Amp Diodes CORPORATION PAD1 / PAD2 / PAD5 / PAD10 / PAD20 / PAD50 FEATURES DESCRIPTION Calogic’s series of Pico Amp Diodes are an excellent choice for protection devices where ultra low leakage is critical and must be at a minimal measurement. These devices have a wide operating voltage range and are low capacitance for high speed switching requirements. Housed in a hermetic TO-18 package the product line is also available in chip form for hybrid uses. ORDERING INFORMATION Part Package Temperature Range -55oC to +150oC -55oC to +150oC PAD1-100 Hermetic TO-18 XPAD1-100 Sorted .
Manufacture Calogic LLC
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PAD50   PAD50

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PAD50 Datasheet



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