PBL3775-1 Datasheet, Equivalent, Motor Driver.

Dual Stepper Motor Driver

Part PBL3775-1
Description Dual Stepper Motor Driver
Feature February 1999 PBL 3775/1 Dual Stepper Motor Driver Description The PBL 3775/1 is a switch-mode (chopper), constant-current driver IC with two channels, one for each winding of a two-phase stepper motor. The circuit is similar to Ericsson´s PBL 3773/1. While several of Ericsson´s dual stepper motor drivers are optimized for micro-stepping applications, PBL 3775/1 is equipped with a disable input to simplify half-stepping operation. The PBL 3775/1 contains a clock oscillator, which is common for both driver channels, a set of comparators and flip-flops implementing the switching control, and tw.
Manufacture Ericsson
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PBL3775-1   PBL3775-1

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