2003 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

2003 Datasheet, Case Outline 55BT-1 / Style 1

2003   2003  

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2003 3 Watt - 28 Volts, Class C Microwav e 2000 MHz GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 2003 is a COMMON BASE transistor capable of providing 3 Watts Class C, RF output p ower at 2000 MHz. Gold metalization and diffused ballasting are used to provid e high reliability and supreme ruggedne ss. The transistor is uses a fully herm etic High Temperature solder Sealed pac kage. CASE OUTLINE 55BT-1,

2003 Datasheet, Case Outline 55BT-1 / Style 1

Style 1 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Maxim um Power Dissipation @ 25oC Maximum Vol tage and Current BVces Collector to Emi tter Voltage BVebo Emitter to Base Volt age Ic Collector Current Maximum Temper atures Storage Temperature Operating Ju nction Temperature 12 Watts 50 Volts 3 .5 Volts 0.5 A - 65 to + 200 oC + 200 o C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ 25 OC S YMBOL Pout Pin Pg CHARACTERI

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