LB1240 Datasheet, Equivalent, Tube Driver.

Fluorescent Display Tube Driver

Part LB1240
Description Fluorescent Display Tube Driver
Feature Ordering number:ENN843E Monolithic Digital IC LB1240 Fluorescent Display Tube Driver Overview The LB1240 has been designed for interfacing low-level digital devices to fluorescent display tubes. Its 8-circuit independent Darlington output stage is used for digit and segment drivers. Equivalent pull-down resistors are built in ; externally connected resistors to prevent ghosts are no longer required. Output is activated when input voltages are at a low level, making the IC an ideal interface for Nchannel MOS devices. Package Dimensions unit:mm 3007B-DIP18 [LB1240] 24.0 18 10 0.51min (3.25) .
Manufacture Sanyo
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LB1240   LB1240

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LB1240 Datasheet



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