ND2012L Datasheet, Equivalent, MOSFET Transistors.

N-Channel Depletion-Mode MOSFET Transistors

Part ND2012L
Description N-Channel Depletion-Mode MOSFET Transistors
Feature ND2012L/2020L N-Channel Depletion-Mode MOSFET Transistors Product Summary Part Number ND2012L ND2020L V(BR)DSV Min (V) 200 rDS(on) Max (W) 12 20 VGS(off) (V) –1.5 to –4 –0.5 to –2.5 ID (A) 0.16 0.132 Features D D D D D High Breakdown Voltage: 220 V Normally “On” Low rDS Switch: 9 W Low Input and Output Leakage Low-Power Drive Requirement Low Input Capacitance Benefits D D D D D Full-Voltage Operation Low Offset Voltage Low Error Voltage Easily Driven Without Buffer High-Speed Switching Applications D D D D D Normally “On” Switching Circuits Current Sources/Limiters Power Supply, Convert.
Manufacture TEMIC
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ND2012L   ND2012L

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