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Part AE43C
Description High Security 16 Bit Smart Card Microcontroller
Feature AE43C High Security 16-bit Smart Card Microcontroller Features q 8.5kbytes EEPROM q 64kbytes ROM q .
Manufacture Renesas
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High Security 16-bit Smart Card Microcontroller
q 8.5kbytes EEPROM
q 64kbytes ROM
q 2.5kbytes RAM
q 1024-bit Coprocessor
Integrated Security Concept (ISC)
The AE43C designed under Hitachi’s ISC is ideally suited
for high security applications. The ISC means that security
is not an add-on feature to standard modules or cores -
security has been built in from the start forming an
integral part of the whole Smart Card design concept. The
whole ISC process (secure chip design environment,
secured production facilities and secure handling during
shipment to the customer) is constantly reviewed in order
to maximise the overall security package.
All devices of the AE-series will be evaluated and certified
by independent evaluation authorities.
Many security features such as integrated sensors,
distributed layout, Random Number Generation (RNG),
Watch Dog Timer (WDT), DES-Engine and power analysis
attack protection are all included providing a strong on-
chip hardware security structure.
Uniquely, Hitachi Smart Card devices are fabricated using
a Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon (MONOS) EEPROM
structure. MONOS advantages compared to standard
EEPROM structures are: high resistance to radiation
disturbance; high reliability; and endurance.
A high performance Coprocessor is complementary to the
design concept ensuring final operating system efficiency,
application integrity and performance that meet
tomorrow’s needs today.
The AE43C fulfils the requirements of Smart Card
applications requiring large memory, high security and
high speed secure authentication, data encryption or
electronic signature. Examples include: Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI), m-commerce, digital signature, and
secure banking applications.
Where PKI is a core requirement, a high speed
Coprocessor is needed that can process arithmetical data
in a time frame that ensures a fast and free flowing
application environment. The AE43C Coprocessor ensures
the high performance required by today’s high security
Applications such as WAP and m-commerce are
continually expanding in scope and consequently the
need for greater memory storage for both data and
program code is constantly increasing. The AE43C
provides a significant increase in ROM for program
storage over previous devices whilst ensuring a balance of
EEPROM for data storage.
The move from single to multi-application on a single
component is also rising due in part to new systems such
as WAP and m-commerce. This requires not only
additional memory for application data storage but also
features such as Firewall Management Units (FMU) in
order to provide data integrity between applications.

q 0.35µm CMOS process
q AE-4 High performance 16-bit
q 16Mbytes Linear Address Space
Minimum Instruction Timing
q 0.25µs for 32-bit addition
q 1.75µs for 16 x 16-bit multiplication
q 8kbytes
q 512bytes Extra
q Easy access by single instruction
q 1 to 32bytes programming with one instruction
q Protected against accidental writing and erasing
q Data retention minimum 10 years
q Programming & erasing voltage generation on-chip
q Endurance greater than 100,000 cycles
q Erase time
2ms (maximum)
q Write time
4ms (maximum)
q Overwrite time 2ms (maximum)
q 64kbytes
q 2kbytes
q 1024-bit Key length
q 512bytes RAM
q RSA/ECC Cryptography
q Security sensors
q DES-Engine. Minimum execution time is 18 clock cycle
q WDT supports real time OS & applications with exact time
q RNG (Random Number Generator)
q FMU (Firewall Management Unit)
q Single voltage power supply
q 4.5V to 5.5V
q 2.7V to 3.3V
External Clock input
q fclk = 1 to 10 MHz at 5V, fclk = 1 to 5 MHz at 3V
Operating Temperature
q Standard -25 to +85 C
Shipping Form 8 inch wafer
q Sawn wafer, un-sawn wafer and Chip on Tape (COT) Module
Block Diagram
16-bit CPU
Control Logic
Security Logic
ROM 64kbytes
RAM 2kbytes
EEPROM 8kbytes
E-EEPROM 256bytes
Modular Multiplication Coprocessor
+512bytes RAM
Interval Timer x 2
Address Bus
Data Bus
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September 2002
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