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ETG81-050   ETG81-050  

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ETG81-050 (30A) FUJI POWER TRANSISTOR M ODULE Features Including Free Wheeling Diode High DC Current Gain Insulated T ype Applications High Power Switching A C Motor Controls DC Motor Controls Unin terruptible Power Supply Outline Drawi ngs : Maximum ratings and characterist ic Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified) Item Symb ol Rating Unit DC 1ms DC VCBO VCEO VCEO(SUS) VEBO IC ICP -Ic 600 600 450 6 30 60 30 V V V V A A A DC 1ms one T ransistor AC.1min IB IBP PC Tj Tstg m Viso Mounting *1 Terminal *2 2 4 200 + 150 -40 to +125 100 2000 3.5 1.7 A A W °C °C g V Nm Nm Equivalent Circuit Schematic Item Item Electr


ical characteristics (Tc =25°C unless o therwise specified) Symbol VCBO VCEO V CEO(SUS) VCEX(SUS) VEBO ICBO IEBO -VCE hFE VCE(Sat) VBE(Sat) ton tstg tf trr Test Conditions ICBO = 1mA ICEO = 1mA I C = 1A IC = 60A, -IB = 2A IEBO = 200mA VCBO = 600V VEBO = 6V Ic = -30A IC = 30 A, VCE = 5V IC = 30A, IB = 0.6A IC = 30 A, PW=50µs, Duty<=2% IB1 = +0.6A, IB2 = -0.6A RL = 10Ω, Vcc = 300V -Ic = 30 A, VBE = -6V, -di/dt = 50A/µs Thermal characteristics Symbol Rth(j-c) Rth(j- c) Rth(c-f) Test Conditions Transistor Fast Recovery Diode Between case and c ooling fin Min. 600 600 450 500 6 Typ . 100 Max. 1.0 150 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 12 .0 4.0 0.6 Units V V V V V mA mA V V V µs µs µs Min. Typ. 0.05 Max. 0.6 2 1.6 Units °C/W °C/W °C/W 1 ETG8 1-050 (30A) Characteristics FUJI POWER TRANSISTOR MODULE Collector Output Ch aracteristics DC Current Gain DC Curr ent Gain Base and Collector Saturation Voltage Safe Operating Area Safe Ope rating Area 2 ETG81-050 (30A) FUJI P OWER TRANSISTOR MODULE Reversed Biased Safe Operating Area ASO Derating Swi tching Time Transient Thermai Resistan ce (Transistor) Forward Voltage of Fre e Wheeling Diode Transient Thermai Res istance (Diode) 3

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