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Part DS001AKA
Description Single-Panel Liquid Crystal Optical Engine
Feature DS001AKA Single-Panel Liquid Crystal Optical Engine for Rear Projectors For the availability of this.
Manufacture Sony
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Single-Panel Liquid Crystal Optical Engine for Rear Projectors
For the availability of this product, please contact the sales office.
The DS001AKA is a single-panel liquid crystal
optical engine for use in rear projectors, capable of
full-color displays without color filters (CF).
This engine provides a wide aspect ratio of 16:9,
such as those represented in HD.
The side-black function also allows an aspect ratio
of 4:3 in the NTSC/PAL mode. Up/down and/or right/
left inversion functions accommodate various mounting
Short projection distances are made possible
through the adoption of ultra-wide angle lenses. In
addition, a projection lens floating mechanism
delivers 30" to 60" projected images with minimal
image distortion.
A high intensity discharge (HID) lamp ensures high
luminance and low power consumption.
The number of active dots: 768,000
Horizontal resolution: 600 TV lines
NTSC/NTSC-WIDE/HD (band: 20MHz) mode selectable (PAL/PAL-WIDE mode also available through
conversion of scanned dot numbers by an external IC)
Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function
Side-black function
16:9 and 4:3 aspect-ratio switching function
Full-color display with CF-less projection system
High luminouce flux: normally-white 120 ANSIlm (typ.)
Ultra-wide angle lenses for short projection distances (531mm/37", at 4.5% overscanning)
Image distortion correction floating mechanism to support 30" to 60"
Relative illumination: 70% or above
Uses HID lamp (100W)
Engine Configuration
HID lamp
Lamp driver (DC 300V input)
High-efficiency illumination system employing glass rods
Separate RGB illumination systems using dichroic mirrors (DM)
LCD panel mounting mechanism, adjustable along XYθ axes
LCD panel (LCX011AM)
16:9 display: 1599.5 (H) × 480 (V) = 767,760 dots
4:3 display: 1199.5 (H) × 480 (V) = 575,760 dots
Wide fixed focal length lenses for enlarged projection of LCD
Silent fans for cooling
Liquid crystal rear projection TV/monitor
Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This information does not convey any license by
any implication or otherwise under any patents or other right. Application circuits shown, if any, are typical examples illustrating the
operation of the devices. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of these circuits.

Explanation of Basic Operation
Apply DC 300V to the lamp driver.
Light emitted by the lamp is focused by an elliptical reflector on a glass rod integrator, and is rendered
homogeneous at the output end of the integrator.
Light output from the integrator passes through a relay lens and collimator lens to become a collimated ray,
which is color-separated by a group of dichroic mirrors.
The color-separated rays are focused on the respective RGB dots by microlenses mounted on the
LCX011AM, and distributed.
After transmitting the panel, the light is enlarged and projected onto a screen by a projection lens.
For details of the LCD panel operation, please refer to the LCX011AM specifications.
Block Diagram
Fan 1
Red: power supply
Red: GND
Red: sensor output
Glass Rod
Fan 2
Fan 2
Fan 1
Relay Lens
Connector 1
Connector 2
Lamp Driver
Positive (DC 300V)
Start control input (SCI)
Signal output
LCD Panel

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