MC56F8014 Datasheet, Equivalent, Signal Controllers.

16-bit Digital Signal Controllers

Part MC56F8014
Description 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers
Feature 56F8014 Data Sheet Preliminary Technical Data 56F8000 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers MC56F8014 Rev. 3 9/2005 Document Revision History Version History Rev 0 Rev 1 Initial release Updates to Part 10, Specifications, Table 10-1, added maximum clamp current , per pin Table 10-11, clarified variation over temperature table and graph Table 10-15, added LIN slave timing Added alternate pins to Figure 11-1 and Table 11-1. Corrected bit selects in Timer Channel 3 Input (TC3_INP) bit 9 , Section, clarified Section 1.4.1, and simplified notes in Table 10-9, Description of Ch.
Manufacture Freescale Semiconductor
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MC56F8014   MC56F8014

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