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Part LM710
Description Voltage Comparator
Feature LM710 Voltage Comparator LM710 February 1995 LM710 Voltage Comparator General Description The LM7.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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February 1995
Voltage Comparator
General Description
The LM710 series are high-speed voltage comparators in-
tended for use as an accurate, low-level digital level sensor
or as a replacement for operational amplifiers in comparator
applications where speed is of prime importance. The circuit
has a differential input and a single-ended output, with satu-
rated output levels compatible with practically all types of in-
tegrated logic.
The device is built on a single silicon chip which insures low
offset and thermal drift. The use of a minimum number of
stages along with minority-carrier lifetime control (gold dop-
ing) makes the circuit much faster than operational amplifi-
ers in saturating comparator applications. In fact, the low
stray and wiring capacitances that can be realized with
monolithic construction make the device difficult to duplicate
with discrete components operating at equivalent power lev-
The LM710 series are useful as pulse height discriminators,
voltage comparators in high-speed A/D converters or go,
no-go detectors in automatic test equipment. They also have
applications in digital systems as an adjustable-threshold
line receiver or an interface between logic types. In addition,
the low cost of the units suggests them for applications re-
placing relatively simple discrete component circuitry.
Schematic and Connection Diagrams
Ceramic Flatpak Package
* Also available per JM38510/10301
Order Number LM710AMW/883*
See NS Package Number W10A
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Schematic and Connection Diagrams (Continued)
Metal Can Package
Dual-In-Line Package
Pin 4 is connected to case.
Top View
Order Number LM710AMH/883*, LM710H,
LM710H/883 or LM710CH
See NS Package Number H08C
* Also available per JM38510/10301
Top View
Order Number
LM710AMJ/883* or LM710CN
See NS Package Number N14A or J14A
PrintDate=1997/05/16 PrintTime=10:46:07 7730 ds010410 Rev. No. 1 Proof

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